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Top 12 Instagram Book Influencers to Follow

Written By: Emma Collins 

Instagram had become more active over a year and a half due to quarantine. You can get the bookstagrammer's style as they give you numerous recommendations that you can quickly try out next if you are looking for your next best read.  

And if you're in search of bookish reads, here are the Top 12 Instagram Book Influencers to Follow: 


If you are into the posts that appeal to the eyes with a coffee filter aesthetic, Samantha (@everlasting.charm) has posted 783 posts in her feed. You can judge her taste in books from her bookshelf, where she has her book recommendations varying from contemporary romance books up to science fiction.

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Booknerds, you would want to check out Amy's Bookshelf page on Instagram. With over 937 posts and several stories highlighted on her feed, the bookstagrammer states what she thinks of the book without spoiling the readers about the book's plot. Her Instagram is worth the visit!

Join Amy's book club here -


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If you are looking for a very interactive and fun book influencer on Instagram, Cree Myles (@creemyles) has over 20.7k followers who enjoy her posts with her life and books that she thoroughly enjoys. 

Along with her own personal page, Cree is also the curator of the Penguin Random House created page @allwaysblack

Cree was also recently featured on the Thank You For Asking Podcast with Amber Burns.

 Photo Courtesy @creemyles//Instagram



Her username handle states it all, Katie needs more bookshelf space because of all her amazing book selections. With over one thousand book posts, you can never run out of books to read and check out from her profile. She covers contemporary romance books as well as thriller stories. 

 Photo Courtesy @katieneedsabiggerbookshelf//Instagram



Keeley (@moonlight_bookclub) has a creative side in her posts. Like many other book influencers, Keeley shows her numerous books in different layouts that give you a beautiful starter to what book you should pick next. If you want something contemporary and thrilling, keep following her to get a gist of what you should pick next.

 Photo Courtesy @moonlight_bookclub//Instagram

What's an excellent pairing with books? Of course, you know it: coffee! Kristin's posts are vibrant, bookish and absolutely fun! Kristin's post feature her collection of recommendations and coffee beside the books. 


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Amber has 13.1k followers and her content covers a wide range such as her life, mental health, water challenges, messiness and of course books! Amber also secures her book content with a beautiful photo and an honest book review.

Amber is also the host of Thank You For Asking, a podcast that Read More Co. produces. 

 Photo Courtesy @byamberburns//Instagram



You will get an autumn-esque feeling when you take a glimpse at @spinesthatshine's Instagram book arrangement. Their Instagram features a book in each photo, mostly about young adult books and contemporary romances. If you are into those feels, go ahead and check out her IG! 

 Photo Courtesy @spinethatshine//Instagram


Lisa's bookstagram gives off chic appeals with coffee and beach undertone in each of her photos. If you are looking for something to read on your following travel destinations, Lisa can pick out the book and the rest of the things you need for your next outdoor trip!

Lisa's phenomenal Book Reviews have also been featured on Read More Co. 

 Photo Courtesy @lisastoried//Instagram



Thriller, murder, and all the lore you need @bookish.tam got you. Her Instagram is filled with stacks of books that you can check out when you need a palate cleanser for murder and contemporary books. 

 Photo Courtesy @bookish.tam//Instagram



If you are looking for the next mythology to read, you will love @bookishinct's page. Exploring her page gives off the greek mythology energy you need. 

 Photo Courtesy @bookishinct//Instagram



To add up with the contemporary bookstagrammers, Carolyn(eating.n.reading) will give you a delicious dive into her books and foods to pair up with your favorite hobby. 

 Photo Courtesy @eating.n.reading//Instagram




And if you are not into eating, you can use excellent booze to pair up with your good book. Amanda makes sure to give you the enjoyment of browsing with her library and her favorite drinks to pair with your books. 

Amanda is also the host of Bookishly Lit, a podcast that Read More Co. produces. 


 Photo Courtesy @the_boozybookworm_//Instagram


And of course: 


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