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Thank You For Asking

Hosted by Amber Burns
Instagram - @tyfapodcast

Thank You For Asking is hosted by content creator Amber Burns. On this show, you’ll find interviews and heartfelt conversations that answer the question how are they doing it? Think of this podcast as your weekly check-in with your Internet BFF that leaves you feeling brighter, lighter, and smarter each week.

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Bookishly Lit

Hosted by Amanda Percevial
AKA "The Boozy Bookworm"
Bookishly Lit is combining our two favorite “B” words, books and booze, for 60 minutes of entertaining and insightful debauchery. Join The Boozy Bookworm as she hosts guests from the bookish and alcoholish worlds, and forces them to partake in her shenanigans in the pursuit of inebriated enlightenment! 

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