11 Book Influencers You Should Follow on Youtube

11 Book Influencers You Should Follow on Youtube

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Book lovers, get ready to add some new channels to your YouTube subscriptions! These 11 book influencers are sure to entertain and inspire you with their bookish content.

1 - Amber Burns: With her quirky sense of humor and relatable book reviews, life updates and journaling, Amber is a must-watch for any book enthusiast. We also love Amber because she is the host of the “Thank You For Asking” Podcast we produce (Yes we can have shameless plugs, it’s our blog )! 


2- Haley Pham Vlogs: Haley's book hauls and TBR videos will make you want to run to the bookstore (or Amazon) ASAP. Haley loves to test out fun (and sometimes crazy) experiments for our amusement! She is truly a must follow if you enjoy bookish content! She also has a bigger youtube channel with other types of videos here!

3 - Emilyreadsbooks: Emily's book recommendations and discussions are always on point, and her enthusiasm for insightful book conversation is so needed in this space. Emily is always talking about interesting topics in the book world or even doing NaNoWriMo [National Novel Writing Month (November)] content! She’s the best of both worlds if you are a reader and a writer!

4 - Javell Ashanti: This booktuber's commentary on books, Christmas Book Hauls and authors is both informative and entertaining.

5 - Mina Reads: Mina's bookish videos are a mix of book reviews, hauls, and personal anecdotes that will make you feel like you're hanging out with a friend who loves books just as much as you do.

6 - Kira Julienne: Kira's book reviews and discussions are always thoughtful and well-researched. Plus, her charm and enthusiasm for books is infectious.

7 - Jack Edwards: Possibly the King of BookTube, Jack's bookish videos are a mix of book reviews, hauls, celebrity book list, bookish experiments and personal anecdotes are truly captivating. Jack may just have the most binge-watchable bookish content on youtube!

8 - Sara Carrolli: Her recent Bookmas content has been absolute GOLD! Sara's bookish videos are passionate, fun, entertaining! She loves to do bookish questions and answers which is also a plus! Her “Day in the Life” videos are can’t miss!

9 - Reads with Rachel: Rachel's book reviews are always honest and heartfelt, and her enthusiasm for books is contagious. If you want to be informed about all the things happening in the book world (Which is a lot) then she can't miss YT.

10 - Booked and Busy: Aaron's bookish seasonal wrap-ups always capture the mood reading needs. Also, if you love book shopping and “shop with me” content, she will take you on a book store tour you will love!

11 - Lastly, but not least, is Destiny Sidwell: This booktuber's vlogs will take you on a journey of her bookish adventures, help you finally attempt to finish that LONG TBR (To Be Read) list and gives you a great look into her life! Destiny is so passionate, honest and fun to watch! 

Let us know who you are going to follow (Hopefully all of them)! We also have a youtube channel if you would like to follow us @readmoreco, where we share all types of bookish youtube shorts!

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