5 Online Book Clubs to Join on Bookum

5 Online Book Clubs to Join on Bookum

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Bookum emerges as a hub for book lovers seeking lively discussions, varied book selections, and engaging social interactions. With its innovative features and dynamic tools, Bookum combines social networking apps with the essence of book clubs, offering readers an immersive literary experience.

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1 - The Bookum Club:

As the entry point to the Bookum universe, this club welcomes all readers with open arms, reminiscent of the friendly ambiance of early social media platforms. Click here to join the Bookum Club.


2 -  Millenialmorphs:

Hosted by Crystal, Millenialmorphs caters to the nostalgia of older millennial readers, journeying through the Animorphs series. Relive your favorite childhood memories and engage in lively discussions with fellow enthusiasts.


3 - Dune Club:
Immerse yourself in the intricate world of Frank Herbert's Dune series with this dedicated online book club. From sandworms to spice, members dissect the complexities of Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece. Join the adventure here.

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4 - Awaken A Better You:

Led by author BJ Thompson, Awaken A Better You offers a unique blend of book discussions and transformative teachings from Thompson's work. Unlock your potential and connect here.

5 - Caven's Sweetheart:

Curated by bookish content creator Mia Caven, Caven's Sweetheart provides a cozy sanctuary for readers passionate about romance, contemporary, women's literature, and self-help books. Join Mia and fellow sweethearts for heartfelt discussions and book recommendations. Join here.

Bonus Club - Founders' Club:

Join the founders of Bookum on an enlightening journey through learning from the founders of the world's best companies. Half book club, half business mastermind. Gain insights from industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries in this exclusive club. Dive into the world of business here.

Bookum stands at the forefront social book networks. It's a way readers connect, engage, and share their love for books. With its varied book clubs catering to various interests and niches, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Join the lively community of book lovers on Bookum today!

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