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Author Q&A Blog

Author Q&A With Jim McKelvey

Progress By The Pages

Read More Co. is a forward-thinking and passionate Book-Media company.

As a Book-Media platform, Read More's goal is to provide readers breaking news on the latest happenings in the book world and to connect them with their favorite authors!

Culture isn’t what you say, it’s what you do.

Marc Randolph

Keep working. Producing. Improving. Consistency is key.

Nic Stone

You better be ready to go to war when you build a business especially if your vision is big enough to take business from the big boys.

Patrick Bet-David

The more I wrote, the more I understood my purpose, which was to speak on behalf of women who were experiencing injustices, women who often felt voiceless and unheard, and this meant I had to tell their stories, even if those stories were uncomfortable to tell.

Etaf Rum

People are born with far more Aesthetic Intelligence than they realize.  The good news is it can be developed. The bad news is it takes time, and it takes work.

Pauline Brown

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