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Read More's Goodreads Book Club

Read More Co. is proud to announce that the Goodreads Book Club will be like no other book club you’ve ever been apart of! We can personally guarantee that we will expand your mind, tackle your limiting beliefs as well as lead you towards an ultimate path of success and legitimate happiness.

We are opening this exclusive book club Sunday, October 2nd. We realize in order to truly impact lives we need 30 of the most focused, growth oriented and passionately committed readers we can collaborate with.

Admission into Read More's Goodreads Book Club is now just $9.99 a month. Not only will you receive the book of the month for that month, but you will also receive exclusive access into our “Fireside Chats” and group takeaway sessions. Each are sure to grow your network, your net worth, your library and add immense immediate value.We also want to do something uniquely special for the first 10 pioneering members that are ready to join and desire a true transformation. The first 10 individuals to purchase an “Original Read More T-Shirt”, will receive the first three months of the Goodreads Book Club for FREE!!

Become a part of something bigger than you, for the growth of you!

-Team Read More

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