Stay F.R.E.S.H.™ Entrepreneur Program

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Read More Co. presents

Stay F.R.E.S.H.™ Entrepreneur

Working in collaboration with the Young Americans Center for Financial Education, the goal of this Entrepreneurship course is to better equip young entrepreneurs with a foundation of what running their own company looks like and the nuances of business. 
Attendees will learn a wide range of business and entrepreneur concepts such as sales, advertising, branding, and marketing. 
This program will be great for teens who already have a business, thinking about and want to start a business or completely new to the concept of entrepreneurship!
Just like our summer Stay F.R.E.S.H.™  Entrepreneur program, this course is just eight (8) weeks long.                   
Week 1 - Entrepreneurship
Week 2 - Professionalism & Salesmanship - Hosted with The Young Americans Center For Financial Education
Week 3 - Idea Generation
Week 4 - Marketing
Week 5 - Branding & Personal Brand
Week 6 - Advertising
Week 7 - Cost Analysis & Financing - Hosted with The Young Americans Center For Financial Education
Week 8 - Pitch Day
Over the 8-weeks, attendees will receive and read two of the greatest books ever written on business as well as a chance to work at local Colorado farmer's markets learning and selling with the Read More team.
Each week a new business subject will be introduced, taught and discussed. Utilizing each subject, attendees will be tasked with framing their own beta-company and ultimately will present their final business concepts, "Shark Tank-style", to a panel of guest business leaders for a chance to win a grand prize!


All Sessions Meet Once-A-Week For 90 Minutes!
New Fall Sessions Are Set To Begin Saturday, September 28th!
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Special Thank You To Our Program Partner - Young Americans Center for Financial Education




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