Rosamund Pike's Top Books: Inside 'The Dior Book Tote Club's' Reading World

Rosamund Pike's Top Books: Inside 'The Dior Book Tote Club's' Reading World

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In a harmonious blend of fashion and literature, Dior's cherished Book Tote becomes the muse for a novel series that honors the love of reading. Enter the enchanting world of the Dior Book Tote Club, where influential figures, including the esteemed British actress Rosamund Pike, divulge the transformative power of books.

This series delves into the pages that have touched their hearts and shaped their perspectives, offering a glimpse into their literary journeys. Other esteemed guests on the series have included documentary film producer, director, and House ambassador Beatrice Borromeo, and actress Nine d'Urso.


A Night Amidst Literary Treasures

In the timeless ambiance of Hatchards, London's oldest bookstore, we find Rosamund Pike wandering among shelves laden with literary treasures. The after-hours stillness sets the stage for intimate conversations as she unveils her cherished book selections. These titles, spanning various genres and themes, provide a profound insight into Pike's literary tastes and the narratives that have resonated with her soul.

Embracing Literary Timelessness

Among the volumes that grace Pike's list of favorites is Jack Kerouac's iconic masterpiece, 'On The Road'. This timeless novel, which she encountered during her teenage years, left an indelible mark on her, igniting a passion for exploration and the written word.

An Ode to Observational Wisdom

Pike's affection for the perceptive prose of Joan Didion comes to light with her recommendation of 'Slouching Towards Bethlehem', a collection of essays that delve into the complexities of human behavior. Pike hails Didion as one of the most incisive observers of people, recognizing the power of her words to capture the nuances of life.

The Power of Heartrending Narratives

 'A Little Life' by Hanya Yanagihara finds a special place in Pike's heart. Described as a brilliant and devastating masterpiece, the novel has the capacity to evoke profound emotions. Pike's admiration for the work extends to Yanagihara's ability to craft a narrative so poignant that it leaves an indelible mark on the reader's soul.


Beyond the Written Word

Pike's literary affinity extends to unexpected realms as she embraces the world of graphic novels, a recent discovery that has enriched her reading experience. Additionally, Pike's personal connection with 'The Apple Is Everything', a photobook by Barnaby Barford, speaks to her love for the fruit and the artistic representation of its symbolism.

Finding Comfort in Familiarity

Despite her extensive literary exploration, Pike confesses her unwavering connection to the works of Thomas Hardy. Whenever the actress is far from her homeland and yearning for the comfort of England, Hardy's works serve as a familiar refuge.

A Literary Sojourn through the Bookshop

Pike reflects on the immense value of books that move the soul and evoke laughter. She notes the wonder of traversing the globe while remaining seated within the walls of a bookstore. As she navigates the shelves, she embodies the very essence of the Dior Book Tote Club's spirit, celebrating the profound escapism and enlightenment that literature provides.

Exploring the Dior Book Tote Club Series

For those eager to immerse themselves fully in the literary and visual journey, the complete episodes and series are available on Christian Dior's official YouTube channel. Witness the candid conversations, personal insights, and the convergence of literature and style that the Dior Book Tote Club series encapsulates.


Rosamund Pike's literary journey within the Dior Book Tote Club reveals a tapestry of emotions woven through the pages of diverse narratives. Her selections, ranging from classic to contemporary, reflect the multifaceted nature of her literary taste. As she uncovers the beauty of storytelling, Pike invites us to embark on our own literary odyssey, discovering the magic that lies within the pages of a book.



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