Lex Fridman's Reading List

Lex Fridman's Twitter Book List Attacked

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We are layering on the book world news this week because we have some crazy stories.

The first, an unexpected one, involving one of the biggest podcasters in the world, Twitter, and the now the infamous Book List.

*Cue lights*

Lex Fridman, host of the Lex Fridman Podcast, shared on his Twitter that he was going to read a book a week as his New Year's Resolution for 2023. Nothing crazy right? Next, he shared the actual list and as the Joker said in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Night’ ”Then everyone lost their minds”.

What was wrong with the list you might ask? Well, let us show you:

(Photo From Lex Fridman Twitter) 


If you still can't tell… well, neither can we exactly.

However, what we have learned since this post is the following:

A) People hate "Classics"

B) People hate when you read "Classics” quickly (they must be read slow and digested, apparently)

C) People hate when your book lists are only written by one demographic (only one woman featured)

D) People also hate when people hate on people that read classics (Lex had an equal amount of supporters of his list)

E) Lastly, people hate High School reading lists (still can't get those hours of reading "The Catcher in the Rye" back 😂).

Regardless, this post was viewed over 38.1 million times, has 13.9K comments, and 102.6K likes.

Even the Chief Twit himself (his words), Elon Musk, jumped in on all of the chaos with his own meme, which we will attach below.

2023 is starting out hot with a Podcaster almost getting "cancelled" for his choice of books (wait until he adds “Atlas Shrugged” to the list 🤣)


Lex and Elon Post:

Lex - https://twitter.com/lexfridman/status/1609301085524578304

Elon - https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1610416059940495363


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