How to Create the Perfect Reading Snacks by Genre

How to Create the Perfect Reading Snacks by Genre

Written by: Zoe Lea


I’m sure you’ll agree that reading is a pastime that works best if it goes undisturbed. You’ve got a great book in your hands and want to immerse yourself completely in that world, you don’t want to be interrupted, and that means getting prepared beforehand. 

To do this, you’ll firstly want the essentials: a good drink, pillows and blankets, the right lighting, and, of course, the right snack!  

You might think that any old snack will do, but think again. You don’t want to get to a scene and realize you’ve got totally the wrong snack, or worse, a snack that’s impossible to eat whilst reading.  

No one likes a book page with food stains all over it and no one likes to have a snack to hand only to realize it’s the wrong one. So, with that in mind, here’s some simple suggestions. The perfect snacks to go with the genre you’re reading. 



Sweetness all the way! You don’t want to bite into anything bitter whilst you’re reading a scene about the trials of the heart. The worst thing would be to jump out of the narrative because what you are tasting doesn’t go with what you’re reading, so when reading romance go for something sweet. Cake is a good option as is candy, but if you’ve not got a sweet tooth, or are avoiding sugar, try frozen grapes. They taste delicious and wonderful to savor whilst getting lost in the story. 


Thriller/Mystery/ Horror 

Something crunchy. These kinds of books have you on the edge of your seat and you’ll be eating quick and fast in some scenes which means you need something to chew on other than your nails! Go for chips or carrot sticks, popcorn, roasted chickpeas or even dry cereal. Something you can grab quick without having to think about it. 


Fantasy/ Science Fiction 

Savory snacks are the winners here as you’ll want all your focus on the story and the details of the fantasy world so something salty or spicy will keep your tastebuds entertained as you read. Popcorn is the perfect choice as it’s easy to eat and won’t distract you, as are nuts and seeds, veggie chips or pretzels. 



Smooth snacks are best here, nothing too taxing that will divert your attention. Cookie dough, cooked fruits or thick hot chocolate. Avoid anything you have to use a spoon for though as it could spill all over the page! Or try soft breads and cheeses, finger foods that you can pick at whilst enjoying the words and know that they won’t make a mess of your book whilst you eat. 


With all snacks, be sure to make them bite size pieces and don’t overthink it, just be sure to have the snack you crave to hand and eat as much or as little as you like!  


What’s your favorite snack whilst reading? Let us know in the comments so we can try them out. 

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