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Quick Takeaways:

The Mis-Education remains widespread - Although The Mis-Education Of The Negro was written nearly 100 years ago (1933) many of the ills of black people still remain sadly prevalent.  Woodson explains the concept of spreading miseducation with more miseducation and how it leaves people stagnant and forever misinformed. 

Educate Your People - If you are looking to read more African-American literature, The Mis-Education Of The Negro should be on the top of your list! What Woodson was hoping to accomplish when writing this novel was the transferring of how important it is to educate one's, own people. In the African-American community, many unstable situations and environments make it very difficult to instill lessons of steadfastness rather than survival. Woodson shows why this is dangerous and why it must change.

The Educated Negro - Woodson details why it's wise to be cautious of the "educated negro", the individual that speaks on behalf of his entire race. Woodson warns against this because a lot of the well-educated, at the time, knew next to nothing about the collective thought of black people. It's better to speak for yourself and to help other's based on how you feel is right rather than by a misguided groupthink.

Book Title: The Mis-Education Of The Negro

Author: Carter G. Woodson

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