"The Keys" 31 DAYS, 31 QUICK TAKES



Quick Takeaways:

Be Thankful - DJ Khaled reminds us to be happy and thankful every day because they're not all promised! DJ Khaled has multiple chapters in "The Keys" detailing his morning habits to ensure having a great day. Start every day by being thankful!

Keep positive - Positivity is a main theme in "The Keys" by DJ Khaled and naturally because the author is as positive as they come. Keeping positive opens up a realm of opportunities that is unseen by a mind filled with negativity. Remaining positive will allow you to get through all challenges with confidence in the end outcome! Also, positivity is contagious, so you can pass it along. 

Keep Things Off The Record - The ideology of keeping things off of the record is DJ Khaled's take on putting the carriage before the horse. Keep things in order until everything is solidified and all "T's" are crossed and all "I's" are dotted. There's a major key in each one of these takeaways!


Book Title: The Keys

Author: DJ Khaled

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