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Quick Takeaways:

Value Ladder - The 'Value Ladder' is one of the most important things I've learned in "Dotcom Secrets" or any book I've read on business. In order to build faith with your customers and to keep them as your customer for longer, you must have a 'Value Ladder' built into your company structure. The secret to business is getting and maintaining customers with a 'Value Ladder' any company can do it. 

The Difference Between A Product and An Offer - One of the things that Russell Brunson's  "Dotcom Secrets" opened my eyes to was the difference between an offer and a product. The difference is simple, the product is often just one thing, one item for purchase. An offer is a product with a great deal of extra incentives packaged with it that make it more desirable to the customer. Once I realize the difference I began to see it everywhere! For example, at fast food resturants, the product would be the sandwich, the offer would be the sandwich with a drink and fries. Offers make the product more desirable.


Book Title: Dotcom Secrets

Author: Russell Brunson

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