"Q&A With Maitland Wilson"

1 - When did you first get into personal training and what has weight training taught you about yourself?

I started personal training after I finished chemotherapy. I finally gave up football my dream to start my fitness brand “Flexchamp”  weight training has taught me that no matter how down I am   in life, if I can work on myself when I’m weak. I can do anything I put my mind to.  I learned that I’m very positive and that I can do anything through Christ.


2 - What inspired the “overcome your obstacles through fitness” t-shirt and movement? 

I became obsessed with my movement after working with a middle school as a P.E teacher. I learned fitness at a young age from my father. So seeing how inspired the kids were from my story and my fitness background motivated me. I notice me training some of them kept their mind off problems they had at home.  

I was becoming aware that fitness can help overcome all kinds of obstacles. I started to research brands I wanted to be like. Nike and live strong by lance Armstrong I knew I had to make a brand that was relatable to everyone like they did if I wanted to be that great. So I started “ overcoming obstacles through fitness” Then created the Flexchamp logo to go on a shirt as simple as Nike did. 


3 - How did fitness if at all, play a part in you beating cancer?

I believe fitness played a big role. First off the feeling after working out during chemotherapy was a feeling I wanted to feel throughout the whole process. It was times that I will forget that I was going through it. One thing cancer couldn’t take from me was that feeling everybody gets after completing a workout.   I felt good and accomplished If you workout then you know what I’m talking about.  


4 - What advice would you give to people current battle cancer or other sickness?

The advice I will give is to work on yourself. Training helped me mentally and physically! Nobody can take that from you. You can only go up if you do. It may be days you don’t want to but the outcome will always have you feeling good.


5 - What are some other obstacles you have seen people that work with you overcome through fitness?  

There’s so many but I have a favorite right now. One client who’s been going to therapy for years now who’s been struggling with being positive. Just started training with me  a month ago with a negative mind set, thinking that she will never lose weight and couldn’t do certain workouts due to her athletic ability.  Every day I told her she will get better. Just with little results and time fitness helped her overcome mentally that she can do anything.


6 - What does your daily meals look like and how much does nutrition play into overcoming obstacles?

I’m really simple when it comes to my meals. I make sure eat at least three meals a days. Well balanced with my greens , protein , fruits and carbs. I believe nutrition plays a big role in performance and living long. So in order to overcome anything in life you must take care of your body!


7 - What’s a great cookbook, if any, that people can use to follow your meal routine?

If anybody wanted to follow what I eat then they should go to my website to get my free nutrition guide on myFlexchamp.com


8 - What’s a book that has helped you overcome obstacles?

The Bible. If I wasn’t taught to read the Bible. I wouldn’t have had faith like I did during my hard times. Bible also taught me to pray when I’m down or up. Taught me to thank god for whatever I have. 


9 - If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?

Overcoming obstacles through fitness 


10 - What’s the best advice you have ever received on happiness?

Put god first and always have faith 


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