"Presenting...Kyle McGran"

"Presenting...Kyle McGran"

Kyle McGran

(Photo Courtesy of Kyle McGran)


My name is Kyle McGran I’m 24 years old from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I been doing YouTube for roughly 2 years now, I used to work a construction job but eventually quit to pursue my dream of being a YouTuber. I started making videos when I was a kid and then as a teen, I used to make BMX videos. That’s when I learned the basics of recording and video editing. Besides all the YouTube stuff, I love gaming and also watching streams of other gamers. I actually watch so many streamers it’s crazy! My favorite meal is buffalo wings and have to have fries with them! That’s about all I can think of, I’m a pretty chill /boring person in real life!


1.  What first sparked the idea of visiting abandoned places and what was the first place you visited? 

So I started posting daily vlogs on youtube and after about 120 straight videos every day and little growth, I realized this is going to be a very hard way to grow, so I saw a couple of big YouTubers at the time post them exploring abandoned places and I used to explore abandoned places off camera all the time, so I knew some local spots and went and filmed one the next day and haven't really turned back!


2.  Were you always adventurous growing up or was it something that developed over time?

I was definitely always adventurous my whole life! Although this career path has made me even more open to trying crazy things!


3.  What has been your favorite place you have visited thus far? 

My favorite place I have visited so far was one of my bigger videos and it was an abandoned beachfront mansion that belonged to a mafia member, this house was about 10,000 square feet with an indoor pool, secret nightclub and so many grand rooms!


4.  What has been your least favorite or most nerve-wracking place you have visited thus far?

There are so many places I've been to that as soon as I got there I regretted coming! One was an Abandoned factory that I was chased out by squatters with knives! Long story short, we sprinted out and I've never returned.


5.  What are some places that are on your must-visit list that you haven’t gotten to yet? 

People ask me all the time "aren't you gonna run out of spots to film?" It's crazy how many spots I still want to film and also just visit to experience it, Some are abandoned and some are just cool spots. One that's on my list that I plan to travel to this year is Chernobyl.


6.  Seeing as you live in Pennslyvania, have you ever explored an abandoned Amish village?

I've explored many abandoned towns and also many villages but I can't say I ever visited an abandoned Amish village.


7.  What are your future goals with your abandoned series? TV Shows etc?

I'd love to dip into the TV world, whether it was for abandoned or haunted series would be cool too. Mostly just continue to grow on YouTube and other social media, write a book, and maybe a cartoon series too!


8.  What was it like to have your first viral video?

Literally couldn't believe it! Being so small and seeing all these views start coming in is overwhelming, you start seeing what it's like to have fans, press, and even haters all messaging you at once! At the end of the day, a viral video is so rewarding, it's like you're getting applauded/praised for putting together a good project! 


9.  Now that you have a lot of attention on your channel, do you feel added pressure to provide great content?

YES! Like a lot. But I feel it's a healthy stress and a reason to stay motivated and keep putting out content I'm proud of and fans enjoy!


10.  How has this global pandemic affected your productions and creating new content?

Thankfully I had a bunch of videos stacked that I never uploaded so I could continue to post, but I'm still going out and filming, only set back is not being able to travel, I feel I've been pretty lucky throughout this whole pandemic.


11.  You live in Pennsylvania, not too far away from Philadelphia, what is your favorite moment in Philadelphia history: Rocky summiting the top of the Philadelphia Art Museum stairs, Philly Philly, or the signing of The Declaration of Independence?

Philly is home! Such an inspirational city filled with major history! Although, seeing the Philadelphia Eagles win their first super bowl a couple of years ago was INSANE! The city erupted and everyone celebrated together for months. Actually I think we're still celebrating lol!


12.  What books have you read during quarantine?

I would be lying if I said I read an actual book during quarantine. Mostly a ton of documentaries and YouTube videos.


13.  If you were writing a book about your life what would the title be and why?

Hopefully, I would come up with a really cool title, but off the top of my head right now, would probably be something to do with my brand "SEEK". I started using this as a clothing line but more of a movement about a year ago.  

I believe you can seek anything in life whether it's abandoned places, wisdom, love, etc. Something I've been doing my whole life that I finally put into a brand last year. 


14.  What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?

That I'm a huge gamer and play video games all day!


15.  What can your fans look forward to from you in the near future? 

Look out for crazy videos coming out weekly, tons of collabs with other big YouTubers, hopefully, a cartoon series I'm working on now can come to life this year.


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