"Presenting... Gavin May"

"Presenting... Gavin May"

(Photo Courtesy of Gavin May)


Gavin May is an 18-Year-old dedicated filmmaker, flipper, and car enthusiast located in Maryland. He prides himself in being a name associated with flips that everyone knows, and sees himself as a backbone of sorts. He has helped bring the sport of trampolining into the limelight, and travels to trampoline events all over the world.”


1.  When did you first get into “flipping”?

I first got into flipping when I was around 13 years old, but I had some experience from summer league diving. I started to really up my game with the creation of my YouTube channel when I was 15 years old.


2.  What is the best flip trick that you can do? 

To this day, one of the hardest tricks I have ever done is a quad backflip landed. Another crazy one I'm proud of is triffus (front triple flip with a half twist) right into a miller (back double flip with 3 twists).


3.  Have you ever gotten seriously hurt from flipping? If so, what was your healing process like?

Fortunately, I have never experienced a major injury flipping. Sure, I've had my fair share of bruises and sprains, but nothing serious. Injuries are a part of flipping in my opinion.


4.  Let's switch over to your other emerging talent, filmmaking. What has been your most cherished accomplishment in this industry thus far?

My most cherished accomplishment in the film industry is a tie between my first viral video and breaking 100k subscribers on YouTube. Having any video surpasses 1 million views is cause for celebration, so you can imagine my excitement to have that video be sitting at over 5 million views today

Both of these milestones hold importance to me because they were my "ah-ha" moments, moments where I thought to myself that I could make it in my field of content creators.


5.  What is your favorite movie of all-time? Slash what has been the best movie you’ve watched during quarantine?

I don't know if I have a favorite movie of all time, but over quarantine, the best movie I've seen is without a doubt Inception. I really love films that make us challenge the ideas of reality, and Inception does an exceptional job at this. It gives me excitement to see characters experiencing a reality that challenges what we as a society believe.


6.  What types of books do you enjoy reading? And what were a few of your favorites growing up?

I enjoy reading books that make me question my own reality. As a kid, I loved reading Percy Jackson, as the idea of Greek Mythology intrigued me. I also particularly enjoyed the book "The Alchemist," by Paulo Coelho, as the plot pertains to following your heart's desires. Reading about people making something of themselves is an inspiration for me to go out and do the same.


7.  What can your fans look forward to from you in the near future?

My fans can look forward to me moving out to Los Angeles, as many of my most popular videos were filmed in Los Angeles. I'll be in a setting to create more content and my fans will have the opportunity to watch me live my life in L.A.


Places To Find More From Gavin:

Instagram: @gavinmayofficial

Youtube: Gavin May


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