Q&A With Gabriella Annalisa - Interview

Q&A With Gabriella Annalisa - Interview

Gabriella Annalisa

(Photos Courtesy of Gabriella Annalisa)


“My name is Gabriella Annalisa. I'm a Tik Toker and Youtuber from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I grew up in the city of Philadelphia and went through schooling. I always had many hobbies such as singing, dancing, cheerleading, traveling and art. I always had a passion for Youtube and social media as a whole. For many years I did modeling and cheerleading which I loved to do. I started taking it very seriously once I graduated high school in June 2019. 

I started my Tik Tok in late June and almost immediately I started to see results as I started to develop a following quickly. I created a Tik Tok with the intentions of later starting my YouTube Channel and begin doing what I always wanted to do.

 I saw how it affected me and my peers. I wanted to do something about it, I always found myself trying to help everyone and make people smile and see things with a better point of view. It made me realize how I really wanted to start a brand and create a platform to help others and make people smile by bringing more positivity into people's lives. 

After my following started to grow, I started to become the best of friends with so many social media influencers throughout the world. I love connecting with people and creating genuine relationships with all my supporters as well. This is the most important thing to me in everything that I do. I love helping people stay optimistic and strive for greatness

Ever since I started taking social media seriously, I've been growing rapidly, My goal is to spread happiness throughout the world and make the world a more positive place.”


1.  What was your favorite book growing up?

My favorite book growing up was the Great Gatsby.

2.  As you gain more social influence through different social networks, how important is it to you to stay authentic and honest with your audience?

I always want to be honest with all of them and really talk to them and be there for them like friends.

3.  When did you get your start on TikTok? Seeing as it is a newer social media, what advantages do you see with the app that you don’t see on other platforms? 

I started Tik Tok in June and I realized it wasn't like many other apps. Tik Tok is all surrounded by the "For You" page and that gives people the opportunity to find you a lot easier, unlike Instagram.

4.  You do a lot of dancing on your Tik Tok. Did you grow up dancing at all or is it something you just do for fun?

Ever since I was 3 I started dancing, around 5th grade I found cheerleading and ended up quitting dance to do competitive cheerleading.

5.  What is your favorite Social Media platform and why?

Tik Tok would have to be my favorite because I have so much fun on the app from making videos to meeting so many amazing new friends.

6.  What’s your favorite book genre?


7.  What’s your favorite music genre?

EDM or Pop.

8.  What scares you most about our society today?

It's scary how a lot of society will judge just upon looks.

9.  If you had to choose one book series: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games or Twilight which would it be and why?

I would choose Twilight because I love the story and it's always been one of my favorites. 

10.  What’s the best book you read last year?

The Great Gatsby.


Places To Find More From Gabriella:

Tik Tok: @gabriellannalisa

Instagram: @gabriellannalisa 

Youtube: Gabriella Annalisa

Snapchat: @gabstergurly



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