The Controversy of BookTok and What Will Happen If TikTok is Banned in the US?

The Controversy of BookTok and What Will Happen If TikTok is Banned in the US?

BookTok, a popular subsection of the social media platform TikTok, has been at the center of a heated debate in recent months. On one hand, there are those who argue that BookTok provides a unique and engaging platform for book lovers to connect, share their passion for reading, and discover new books and authors. On the other hand, there are those who criticize the platform for its lack of diversity and for promoting a narrow range of books and authors.

One of the biggest criticisms of BookTok is that the platform tends to favor certain types of books and authors, often at the expense of diverse and marginalized voices. Many users have pointed out that the platform's algorithm seems to prioritize books by white authors, and that it can be difficult to find books by authors of color and other marginalized groups. This has led to accusations of book elitism and exclusivity, with some arguing that BookTok is not as inclusive or representative as it claims to be.

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Another concern is that BookTok can be a breeding ground for toxic and harmful behavior. Some users have reported being bullied or harassed by other members of the BookTok community, while others have criticized the platform for promoting a culture of "book shaming" where users are judged and ridiculed for their reading choices. Some have also criticized the platform for fostering a culture of competition and comparison, with users vying for likes, followers, and status.

Despite these controversies BookTok has been an explosive success for authors, publishers and bookish content creators in the book space. Authors such as Colleen Hoover, Taylor Jenkins Reid and even previously unknown author Alex Aster have had astronomical success from the platform's algorithm. In the case of Alex Aster, she used the platform to not only sell her book but also to get a movie deal for her recent book "LightLark". 

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As US Congress aims to end the usage of TikTok, it will be interesting to see how these BookTokers will continue to expand their reaches. Platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook should see an increase in creator usage if Tiktok is banned in the US.


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