Side Hustlers Are Flooding Amazon with ChatGPT and AI Written Books

Side Hustlers Are Flooding Amazon with ChatGPT and AI Written Books

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What if I told you, your son/daughters favorite children's book was written by an AI author?

Well, chances are in the coming months this could be the case!

Amazon as well as other publishers have seen a significant increase in books inquired (used in publishing for books submitted to literary agents for traditional publishing) and self published on their platforms.

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One company, Clarkesworld Magazine even had to shut down its Sci-Fi submission process as AI written books were outnumbering human written submissions (over 500 articles submitted were ban in February 2023 along).

**Here's a link to a graph from Clarkesworld of the amount of submissions bans comparing 2019 to now*** -

If you are unfamiliar with ChatGPT it's an AI writing Assistant that can spit out practically anything you ask it within seconds. The product by OpenAI has been such a hit, it has over 100 Million users in 2 months!

Some schools are even outlawing it in their classrooms (sorry Jimmy YOU will still have to write that Shakespeare essay 😆)

Here's an example of ChatGPT writing a Christmas Book List for us - 

It is a powerful and helpful tool but the ramifications of its power brings up a fundamental question, "what is considered fair play with these powers and what is considered scheme-y behavior?"

Regardless of what your personal opinion is, we would suggest you at least test it out to see how insane the future will be with tools like these just on the horizon.

This NY Post post below highlights all the craze with ebook AI publishing on Amazon.

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