Case Study: TikTok #BookTok

Case Study: TikTok #BookTok

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If you aren't a Gen Z reader of our newsletter bare with us this may blow your mind.

Here's the punchline 44.8 Billion Views… Yes, million but just with a "B".

BookTok has completely revolutionized the book market and the way authors have to connect with their audience.

BookTok is what happens when you combine the viral sensation TikTok with an equally passionate and word of mouth community of readers.

TikTok users make highly engaging content around their favorite books and those books can become instant bestsellers.

In recent news, YA Author and BookToker Alex Aster had a video go viral where she gave a glimpse of what her next book would be (She showcased it as a A Court of Thorns and Roses mixed with The Hunger Games) the video gained over a million views and her book was picked up by a publisher.

Alex Aster

(Photo From: Alex Aster Instagram)

But that was just the beginning. Then her book was picked up by Universal Studios and the producer's of Twilight to be a film. And to make this dream run even crazier, now her book is a New York Times Bestsellers. 

Chance are if you have been to a bookstore lately (Barnes and Noble for sure), you will see a table or bookshelf with the title "#Booktok" or "The Best of Tik Tok" with all the viral books on the platform. The mania is remarkable and if you have a free minute you should take a moment to check out #Booktok especially if you are an author!


Check out this article below as TikTok is now entering the Book Club space.


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