15 Books To Read This Spring: Read More Edition

15 Books To Read This Spring: Read More Edition

Written by: Isa Gonzalez Montilla


1.  Yassmin’s Story by: Yassmin Abdel- Magied 

Spring is a welcoming season of warmth and life, and what better way to emulate that than reading Yassmin Abdel- Magied’s novel, Yassmin’s Story. This book takes you on a ride through Yassmin’s life journey and where she is going with it. Read this book if you're looking to immerse yourself in another person’s perspective, and if you want to learn about the unique ways Yassmin wants to impact the world. 

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2.  The Call of the Wild and Free: Reclaiming Wonder in Your Child's Education by: Ainsley Armet 

Since we spend so much time in front of computer screens working, and others going to school, we forget the importance of being outdoors and enjoying nature. This book is a great resource for parents who are trying to learn how to be more active with their children outdoors. This book should be your next purchase if you're trying to find new ways to keep things active around the house. 

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3.  The Wizenard Series: Training Camp by: Wesley King 

Basketball legend and Academy Award–winning storyteller Kobe Bryant wrote this inspiring piece of literature with Wesley King. This novel is about how basketball influenced the lives of five young basketball players. Head over to your nearest bookstore if you want to read a motivating book that pushes younglings to participate in team sports and unlock their potential. 

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4.  Die With Zero: Getting All You Can From Your Money And Your Life  by: Bill Perkins

Are you stressed out about money? Do you feel like you're being held back from life experiences because of your financial situation? Well, then this is the book for you! Bill Perkins helps readers all over the world on how to get the most out of their money so that they can live a life full of happiness and no regrets.

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5.  She is Without Limits by: Haley Hoffman Smith

There are always going to be obstacles in life and it is important to learn how to bust through them and move forward. She is Without Limits is an amazing book that helps reader's realize their full potential so that they can reject perceived limitations in their lives. We can do anything we set our minds too.

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6.  The Gilded Ones: Deathless, Book 1 by: Namina Forna 

This incredible YA fantasy novel explores ideas of feminism and attacks ideas of patriarchy. This engaging novel is an entertaining read for those who like a story with a lot of action. Read this book if you're looking to engulf yourself in a reality other than your own, and get ready to learn about the complexities of patriarchy and feminism. 

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7.  Murder at Macbeth by: Samantha Goodwin

Are you in the mood for a murder story? Well, I have a body-stimulating book for you! Murder at Macbeth is a story about how a young actress’s prop knife got replaced by a real one, leading her to accidentally stabbing herself to death in the middle of a performance. This startling, yet intriguing story is a great choice if you're looking to spook yourself out before bed, or anywhere else you decide to read it. 

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8.  Make It Work: 22 Time-Tested, Real-Life Lessons for Sustaining a Healthy, Happy Relationship by: Tony Gaskins

2020 was a crazy year with the pandemic and all the challenges that came with it. Since we all had to isolate for so long during the COVID-19 virus, our ways of interacting with each other have immensely changed. You should read this book if you need advice on how to maintain and empower the relationships in your life. 

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9.  Binding Us Together by: Alvin Brooks

Last year civil unrest reached dangerous heights and our nation had to look at it's and ask the big questions. This timely book is written by Kansas City Legend, Civil Rights Activist and former Police Officer Mr. Alvin Brooks. Alvin uses his 89-years of wisdom to tell the narrative of his life in hopes of binding all creeds and different backgrounds together. This fascinating read will give you perspective and inspiration about where this country can go if we worked together collaboratively to fix it! 

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10.  How to Not Always Be Working by: Marlee Grace 

COVID-19 really tested our abilities in the way we work, go to school, and live our daily lives. During quarantine, offices turned into bedrooms, and classrooms turned into computer screens. The boundaries of the personal and professional have completely merged for some and others are struggling with how to separate them. I welcome you to the book that will help you with all of your worries! Read How to Not Always Be Working if you want to learn how to keep all the spheres in your life separate. 

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11.  Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows; Winning at Work and in Life by: Michael O’ Brien

Do you have a hard time getting off the ground once you're pushed over? Do your emotions cloud your abilities to move forward and stay positive? Then read this book to help you realize that your mistakes are actually the initial markers to your path to success. This novel is a great way to motivate yourself to live in the present and live to the fullest. 

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12.  Well, That Escalated Quickly: Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist by: Franchesca Ramsey 

It’s very important to have conversations about race, gender, sexuality, and culture and Franchesca Ramsey teaches us how to do exactly that in her novel, Well That Escalated Quickly: Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist. While it is difficult at times to speak on the subjects mentioned above, it is vital to our development as a society. So go get a chair, sit in the sun, and make yourself a yummy drink, and get ready to learn about how powerful conversations influence the progress of humanity. 

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13. Damn Good Advice (For People with Talent!): How To Unleash Your Creative Potential by: George Lois 

Do you believe that you have creative abilities but just don’t know how to express them? Then this is the book for you! George Lois offers his unique philosophy on life and advises those who are looking to make a successful career out of their creative tendencies. Purchase this book now if you're looking to unleash the artist inside of you!

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14.  It Happens in the Hamptons: A Novel by: Holly Peterson 

Are you in the mood for a fiction book that takes you to another dimension? This is the perfect read for you. It Happens in the Hamptons is a frisky book about a woman named Katie, and her experience of living and observing the lavish life of the Hampton elite. This is a great read for those who love to immerse themselves in luxury and drama. 

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15.  Dear Martin by: Nic Stone 

Dear Martin is a powerful story that challenges race-relations in America. Everyone should read this book to learn more about the unique challenges members of the Black community face when it comes to dealing with the police. Go buy this book for yourself, give it out as a gift, or recommend it to a friend! 

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