"Q&A With Tahanee Roberts"

"Q&A With Tahanee Roberts"

Book: Lust Now, Cry Later

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Author: Tahanee Roberts

Author Bio:

"Tahanee is the Author of Lust Now, Cry later, Relationship Columnist for Yandy Smith’s Everything Girls Love Magazine, Host, and Creator of the YouTube series ‘Bedroom, Busters, Bites,’ and Writer for her blog, ‘Cook, Cheat, Love.’

Her passion is offering women logical resolutions, methods, and suggestions to accomplish a positive outcome in their relationships. Although Tahanee understands the human needs and desires regarding the way we interact, connect, and behave with ourselves and others; she does not believe that one needs companionship to attain happiness, and successfully thrive in life."


1.  Where did the idea of ‘Lust Now Cry Later’ come from?

As human beings sometimes we can succumb to our lower desires and in some cases (unfortunately) those actions can have very serious and dangerous consequences, therefore, I felt the need to remind people of that. 


2.  What is your advice for couples attempting to move forward after infidelity

I suggest seeing a therapist, but this decision should be discussed and whole heartily agreed upon. It cannot be a one-sided decision or a decision made just to “Appease” the other person.

Because if a couple goes into therapy with the intent of appeasing their spouse then the problem and the reason why the infidelity happened in the first place; really isn’t being addressed and the platform of “Reconciling” has already been tainted and no positivity will come out of that! 


3.  ‘Lust Now Cry Later’ truly shows the intricacies of how small the world really is. How much of the book was written with the phrase, “what’s done in the dark eventually comes to light”, in mind?

50% of the book was written with that phrase in mind. I say that because in all honesty “Nothing” we encounter in life is truly done in the dark. If you’re a living breathing organism with a spirit and soul then you will know that the creator reveals “Everything” to us! It’s all about your willingness to pay attention and trust your intuition.

So many signs and exits to every situation we encounter, but once again, it depends on whether or not “You” are going to pay attention to the signs and take the necessary precautions to “Protect” yourself. 


4.  ‘Lust Now Cry Later’ addresses plenty of heavy subjects such as abuse and addiction. Why do you believe it is important for authors to discuss these topics and have these types of conversations in their books? 

These are situations that people are faced with on a daily basis. Whether it’s that individual that’s going through it or a close friend; these things happen. Sure, people want to escape reality and read a story with a fairytale ending, but once you put that book down you’re still faced with reality! 

Why not read a story that can help you address your own struggles by seeing how the characters deal with the circumstances they are faced with? 

People want to be able to relate and/or feel like they aren’t alone in very painful situations. You may read my book and then look at your own situation and say “Wow, life isn’t so bad after all.” Or take some of the positive actions the characters took and apply it to your own life!”


5.  What is your favorite part about writing stories about ‘Black Love’?

I love to show how transparent love “Truly” is! I think people make it difficult or try to separate love with race and gender. If you have a spirit you are capable of love. Aren’t our pets able to love us? 

Is there really a huge difference in how they show their affection towards us? No, we can’t be intimate with our pets (or I would hope not!) but we find other ways to communicate our feelings for them; as they do for us. Love isn’t that complex; it was not intended to be.  

Every relationship is different, but pain doesn’t know the difference in race or gender yet we all have experienced it at some point or another in our lives. When I write about the love between an “Aborigine” couple I enjoy revealing the different avenues they may take to address a situation whether it’s in a humorous manner or serious. 

The language that is used may be different as well! Either way, the common denominator is still love!  I’m just revealing how the average “Aborigine“ person in that situation may deal with it due to what they have been taught/how they were raised. And that can venture off into genetic memory. 


6.  What are three key elements of telling a great story?

1)  You want to create a story that has a message. Entertaining your readers is always a must, but at the same time, you can educate them and/or turn them onto something new. 

2)  Create a link between your characters and readers. Reveal every intimate thought your character has and/or very intimate moments they have alone with themselves! Your readers will grow to have a deep concern about that individual or dislike for them. Either way, you’ve struck a chord with your reader that has now gotten them in their feelings. 

3)  Make your readers laugh. Every story doesn’t have to be so serious. Life is always filled with pain but at some point or another we all smile. 

7.  What’s the best advice you have ever received on sustaining happiness within a relationship?  

Keep the lines of communication open, listen to their concerns, fears, dreams, etc! Be a friend; not only a lover! 


8.  What’s your best advice on getting over writer’s block?

Do not try to force things! Jot down your thoughts, ideas, what you want to reveal in the story and what emotions you want to pull from out of the reader. Do this and then take a break! Go for a walk, meditate, pray, etc. do whatever it is you need to do that will allow you to rest your mind and then come back to it when your mind is clear. 


9.  What’s the best book you have read in 2019 thus far?

I enjoy self-help books. I really liked “The Feeling Good Handbook” by David Burns.


10.  Do you plan on writing more books in the future?

Absolutely! By the will of God, I plan to write until my very last breath!


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