"Q&A with Christopher Sumlin"

"Q&A with Christopher Sumlin"

Book: Dealing With This Thing We Call Life 

Author: Christopher Sumlin

Author Bio:

Chris Sumlin is a senior at Morehouse College and is celebrating his anniversary of his first book, Dealing With This Thing Called Life. The book is critically-acclaimed and has helped the world get a glimpse into his young life. Sumlin is also a daily blogger who is adamant about writing and reading! Enjoy this Q&A and pick up his book today!

1)  How do you approach a conversation with someone who has different opinions or beliefs than you do? Do you think the division that exists in this country right now can be mended?

Effective communication is everything. I define effective communication as good listening and good speaking. Whenever I am in an interaction with someone I’m always wondering if I’m speaking with someone who has an interest in participating in an effective dialog. The division in our country can easily be mended if people communicate effectively, which requires good listening and good speaking.

2)  What's the best book you've read in 2017?

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

3)  What’s the best advice you've received about happiness?

That happiness is a choice. Some people think that if they obtain X amount of whatever then they will be happy. However, Happiness is a choice that we all make each day, in every moment.

4)  Why should people read your book?

People should read my book because it’s heartfelt. I wrote my book with the intention of sharing my story with the hopes of inspiring others. I worked really hard on it and I believe that the heart and hard work that went into the book will resonate with anyone.

5)  Do you plan to write more books in the future?

Yes, I’m already in the process of writing my 2nd book now.

6)  What aspects of personal development/self-help does your book cover, compared to books in that genre? Basically, how does your differentiate?

My book is different because it is mine. One thing that I have learned from reading a plethora of self-help books is that everyone is saying the same things. All self-help books have these common themes of taking responsibility, being positive and working hard. What makes every book different are the personalized experiences that the author conveys with each story. My book is filled with a story that is my own and true.


7)  Tell the people about your personal brand and the vision for it.

My personal brand is one that consist of creating informational and inspirational content. Whatever I produce whether it be YouTube videos, blogs, or a book I’m sure it will posses a theme of inspiring someone to be better. My slogan for my website TheChrisSumlin.com is, “where experiences become lessons.” I want to exploit my life and experiences to help others deal with life. I plan to continue to grow as a writer and speaker to use my stories to inspire the world.  

8)  What’s your best advice for getting through writer’s block?

Take a walk. The best thing to do when you can’t write is to not write. You should never want to force it or have to force it. Whenever I feel myself getting uninspired I do something completely different from writing and it’s usually in those moments that I get inspired.

9)  Who is someone that is inspiring you in pop culture today and why?

Jay Z is very inspiring. I appreciate how he continues to reinvent himself and venture into uncharted waters. He started as a rapper, then music executive to now media mogul. He owns numerous businesses in different sectors and has maintained a level of integrity along the way. That is very inspiring.


Header Photo Courtesy of: Christopher Sumlin


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