"Q&A With Sheri Hunter"

"Q&A With Sheri Hunter"

Book: Daring To Live

Photos Courtesy of Sheri Hunter

Author: Sheri Hunter 

Author Bio: 

"Sheri Hunter’s book Daring to Live published February 2020 with Baker Books. It chronicles the sudden death of her beloved husband. With the help of her friends, who call themselves the Dare Divas®, Sheri jump-started her joy with a series of “dares” such as driving Nascars, skydiving, cliff jumping and hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro. The four African American women show the power of faith, sisterhood and active living. Paramount Pictures acquired the rights for a feature film.
Sheri is an accomplished journalist. She was a TV News Producer for NBC (Detroit) and CBS (Saginaw). She has written for newspapers and magazines including MORE and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Sheri has an MBA in Marketing from Lawrence Technological University."


1.  In what ways do you Dare to Live each day? 

Since we’ve been on lockdown, I’ve been working to keep my mother healthy and safe. She can’t get out – and shouldn’t right not – so I’m handling more responsibility for her. Family responsibilities and caregiving is my focus right now. It’s a tremendous task at times. 


2.  Although your story is saddening, your triumph is inspiring, what advice do you have for women that experienced losing their spouse?

My advice for newly widowed women is not to allow anyone to tell you how to feel. Grief has its ebbs and flows. Sometimes you are angry, vulnerable, lonely,  feeling bleak about the future, other times you are strong, taking care of business and clearing the path towards sanity, if not happiness initially. 

Allow yourself to go through all the emotions. Some will try to have you rush through the emotions….don’t. Pray, and allow yourself grace as you adapt to the new normal.   


3.  What’s an adventure that you took with your husband, that you look back on fondly today? 

My husband and I took a motorcycle class together. It was exhausting, and whimsical as we saw each other race up and down on a track as we encouraged and motivated each other. We saw each other differently, as go-getters. It was so cool when we got our motorcycle licenses and my husband purchased his bike. His dreams were fulfilled. 


4.  Some of your experiences such as zip-lining, skydiving, mountain climbing, etc. aren’t adventures that some African Americans get to experience, how important is it for you to show these moments of pure black joy to people in the community? 

Yes, my mother laughs, and is dead serious when she says, “Black girls just don’t do those things.” We do. My friends and I are not alone. What a joy to live outside yourself with your teeth clenched, but a big wide smile once the dare is completed. EVERYONE should have that spirit of adventure and excitement in their lives. 


5.  What’s an adventure you want to take once the pandemic is over?

 I want to learn how to scuba dive.  


6.  Did you grow up adventurous? If so, what is an adventure you took in your childhood that has stuck with you? 

No, I was not particularly adventurous, though I did ride on the back of a neighbor’s motorcycle when I was eight years old. When I told my mother about it when I became an adult, she wanted to put me in Time-Out. LOL. But, I so enjoyed the wind in my hair, holding tight and not wanting the ride to end.  


7.  What was your writing process like for “Daring to Live”?

The process was rigorous. My publisher hired editors and there were multiple rounds of rewrites and edits. There were times I questioned if I was a decent writer. Seriously. The process did allow me to dig deep and to bring forth a quality product that resonates with readers. I so appreciate the diligence and wise counsel of my agent, editors and marketing team.  


8.  What is something you wanted to include in the book, but were unable to?

There were lots of little, special moments my husband and I shared that I would have liked to include. Those moments could be the Encyclopedia of Mannard and Sheri with volumes A-Z. The focus was to keep the book tight. Yes, provide heart, show the love, but, to focus on the lesson; what I discovered about myself as I weathered a great loss.  


9.  You have a close group of friends nicknamed the “Dare Divas”. What does their friendship mean to you and why do you think friendships like you all’s are so important?  

The Dare Divas, my friends show the wonder and splendor of having like-minded friends. No one should go through life alone. We each should have someone who amplifies us, makes us shine, while always reflecting back to us our values.  


10.  What is the best book you have read so far in 2020? 

Oooh, so many. May I provide two: “Kindred” by Octavia Butler and “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens


11.  What is your best advice for getting over writer’s block? 

 The best way is first, not to call it writer's block. I don’t claim that in my spirit. I write, even if it’s sub-par. Put something down on that paper. Type something on your laptop. That gets the juices flowing. You can’t allow yourself to get mental about it. The physical act of typing gets me going.  


12.  What is the best advice you have ever received on happiness? 

That it’s ok not to always be happy. Folks who are always happy are inside mental wards.  


13.  Do you plan on writing more books in the future?

Yes, maybe, I don’t know. . My heart says, YES! 


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Website: sherihunter.com


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