"Q&A with Russelyn Williams"

"Q&A with Russelyn Williams"

Book: The Single Christian Women's Guide: Wisdom in Getting to Our God-Ordained Man of Promise

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Author: Russelyn Williams 

1.  What is the best advice you have received about entrusting your faith to God?
Faith is very important, and it has to be based on the word of God. If our faith as single women comes from having everything all together, being the prettiest, or bringing the most to the table that is not enough. It has to be based on what God said in his word. Because God is bound to bringing his word to pass; we can be sure that his word will be fulfilled in our lives.
2.  What do you think is the top spiritual problem today with single Christian women?
Unbelief is a big problem. Many single believers judge their chances of meeting someone appropriate by what they see. When many singles don't see anyone appropriate around they get discouraged and begin to compromise for what is around. This leads to distractions, broken hearts, and lack of purpose fulfilled. It also leads to time wasted.
This is the reason why it is so important to get into accountability groups to have someone to hold us up when we get weak. Also, there has been a huge gap in the lack of mentorship for men as opposed to women in the church. Because of this, many women have become disappointed with the men in the church. Many are upset because they do not see any difference from the men in the world, and the men who seem to have it together yet lack the know how to pursue a woman. 
3.  Why did you feel that writing a guidebook for Christian women was needed?
I felt it was needed because I have been through a lot of stuff as a single Christian woman, and if it were not for the mercy and grace of God, I would not have made it this far. I wanted to pour back into other women who would face similar experiences as mine.
I wanted to let them know that they do not have to give up, become man-haters, or compromise, but we can be free in Christ overcoming all challenges until we are presented to our God-ordained man of promise.
4.  In your opinion, what do all relationships need to be successful?
Christian Relationships need Christ as the foundation. The couple should be in agreement on values. For example, if obedience is a high value to me as a Christian; obedience should be a high value to him. If the suitor pursuing me is okay with compromising away from God's standard then our values do not match and we will clash. 
Communication is the main ingredient for a successful relationship. Without communication, the relationship is simply pointless, and finally, maturity is needed. Maturity in natural things such as finances, running a home, cooking, being responsible, and maturity in Christ in fulfilling one another's role in the order of God.
For example, the husband has to be willing to provide and cover his wife and children spiritually, emotionally, and etc. The wife should respect her husband and submit to him as the head of the household, and help him with the vision that they have both agreed upon for the household. They have to both be selfless enough to desire to make their unit work and that will at times require personal sacrifice.
5.  Not taking too much away from the book, what does it mean to be a "Man of Promise?"
A man of promise is someone who is like Adam. Adam was made by God. He was also trained by God on how to be responsible and to cultivate a garden. He was taught to take the lead in naming the animals, and finally, he was taught that he needs a woman, and it isn't good for him to be without her. Therefore, he will value the woman of God.
Therefore, the man of promise will have been intimate with God. He will know how to follow the instruction of God. He will cultivate an environment for her where she can grow and flourish like Adam did in the garden. There will be no confusion with whether this man wants a particular woman or not because he will know what he wants and be willing to step up to the task of taking on the responsibility of having a wife in his world. This is how God designed it.
6.  What has been the best book you have read in 2017?
Lisa Bevere's, "Without Rival." Lisa re-affirms women who may have struggled with identity and acceptance from God. She confidently lets us know that there is no rival for us in God's eyes. God does not love us equally. He loves us uniquely, she says. This is because God made us uniquely with our own things to contribute. Thus, it is impossible for us to have a rival. It helps bring security to many broken women who compare themselves to others.
7.  What was the best advice you have received on happiness?
I think more recently it is the fact that God does desire for us to have joy. Sometimes, when we go through long trials, suffering, and temptations in life as singles or any other challenge, we can begin to think that's just the way things are, and we have to get used to it. Biblically speaking, it's God's will for us to have joy, and it comes through abiding in Christ.

"If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you." John 15:7-11"

8.  Have you read the book "The Wait" by Meagan Goode and Devon Franklin? If so, how has that book encouraged your growth?
Yes, I've read, "The Wait." What I love about it the most is that it has something for everyone. It even has something for those who are in my position who have never had sex. Chapter 5 was especially encouraging to me when Meagan discussed how waiting will require us to give something up; however, we gain something in exchange for what we have given up. She talked about how waiting causes a woman to get into total alignment with God for her destiny, and it turns her into a bold woman who drops the fears and insecurities that would have caused her to compromise. I loved this book.
9.  What was the writing process like for your book?
It was not bad. It took me about six months to write it, and three months to edit. I had gotten to the point where I was writing an hour or two per day until I finished it. I was on fire!
10.  What is the best advice you have for overcoming writer's block?
Write things down when they come to you. That way when you have writer's block; you can return to your notes of what you've written down, and it will jog your memory. I use an app on my cell phone where I can write things down all the time. If I am at work, I will send a quick email to myself of an idea in my head and return to it later.

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