"Q&A With Robert Bechsgaard"

"Q&A With Robert Bechsgaard"

Book: Winning At A Young Age

Author: Robert Bechsgaard

Photo Courtesy of Robert Bechsgaard

Author: Robert Bechsgaard

Author Bio:


1) What are some habits you have developed that have been crucial to you winning so early in life?

Ok there are two main ones. First, is learning. Way too many people know about this but don’t implement it. I love reading books and learning through videos. You can find these videos on YouTube and other platforms and also consider buying a course. And you can easily find amazing books that can teach you anything on Amazon but you should definitely buy Winning At A Young Age.

The second thing is I plan out my day every night before. This helps me stay focused and motivated all throughout the day. Implement those two habits and let the results speak for themselves.


2) Do you have an mentor/who is someone you look up to as a role model and why?

I have got a couple of different mentors. First I have one named Ishan Goel who is a mentor and a friend that I can always turn to. I’m very blessed to have a mentor like him. Caleb Maddix and Casey Adams are both also my mentors just not as active.

I learn from them everyday but not necessarily from one on one conversations. This is a very important lesson you need to know. Many people who you might want as a mentor probably don’t have the time to coach you one on one but luckily for us most of them have been kind enough to publish books or make courses.

3) How do you help people your age and older grow on a day-to-day basis? 

The number one way I help people right now is from my Instagram @robertbechsgaard. I have gotten a lot of texts from people all over the world thanking me for posting content.


4) What are some of your goals for your tennis career/what are some life lesson you have learned from playing the sport?

My goal with playing tennis is just to get good and get a lot of exercise out of it. I’m not planning to do anything professional of any kind. And yes I play tennis 1.5 hours a day on an average day so I picked up some things here and there.

The main one is this though everything starts in the mind! I could be in the best physical shape ever but I would lose all my matches if I my mind wasn’t believing in me.


5) What are some social media strategies you have used to build your following?

First post regularly. Consistency is key when it comes to growing your social media pages. Second is collaborate. Collaborate with people with more followers than you and make them shout you out. 


6) What's your taught on the schooling system and do you plan on going to college?

I’m not against the schooling system. I believe it’s a great thing for someone who wants to live the average life but that’s not me. For me it’s a waste of time to be honest. 


7) What was your writing process like for this book?

I was obsessed with writing this book. I would wake up and write before school, then go to school. When I came home I would continue writing and then go to bed. I wrote 15 pages a day which was more than 7 hours of work. I kinda worked two full time jobs both school and my book.


8) What is your best advice for getting through writer's block?

My best advice would be to set a timer on your phone and allow yourself to write whatever you want in that time period. Remember you can’t edit a blank piece of paper.


9) What is the best book you have read in 2017?

Success Principles or Rich Dad Poor Dad and well the best one must be Winning At A Young Age. Actually I’ve read a lot of great books so I will make a list of the top ones:

Success Principles 
Rise of the young 
Mount of Olives 
Rich Dad Poor Dad 


10) What is the best advice you have received on happiness?

The best advice I have gotten would be that happiness is like a recipe that consists of 4 ingredients Wealth, Health, Spiritual and Relationships with family and friends etc.


11) Do you plan on writing more book in the future? 

Yes I do. It is so fun to write books and I encourage whoever might be reading this to write one as well!


Places to Find More From This Author:

Facebook: Robert Bechsgaard

Instagram: @robertbechsgaard 

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