"Q&A with Linda"

"Q&A with Linda"

Book: I Fell For New York's Finest  

Photos Courtesy of Linda Aybar

Author: Linda Aybar

Author Bio: 

Linda Aybar is an aspiring upcoming author from The Bronx, New York, where she was born and raised. She has had a broad interest in all type of arts, writing being one in particular since she was a little girl. Her first published work was a picture storybook for adults and her latest is a page turning novel. With many more books in the works, she's exposing to the dying world of literature, a new setting to keep readers intrigued and books alive.


1)  Through your journey, what were some key personal growth lessons you learned?

The thought of being an author can be very obsessing when you first discover the passion. However, it's short-lived when you see the amount of work it takes to compose words into a story and how boring that is. The reward comes after the book is complete and is finally in your hands. We tend to think work is fun, work isn't fun, what's fun is what comes after the work (think happy hour). This will apply to anything anyone wants to do in life. 

2)  For people getting over heartbreaks, what is your best advice for staying positive and finding joy in life?
When we are young we live life with the illusion of it being eternal. We're always planning for the future and forget about the actual moment. Not realizing that in that very moment, our time to leave this earth can end. Everything is temporary. If you begin to practice living as if the next hour isn't promised, you'll learn to recognize what's truly worth your time.  

3)  What is the best book you have read in 2017?

The Message Ministry Edition: The Bible in Contemporary Language by Eugene H. Peterson

Everything is temporary. If you begin to practice living as if the next hour isn't promised, you'll learn to recognize what's truly worth your time.

4)  What is the best advice that you have received on happiness?

God (or whoever your higher being is) will be the only person who will always love you no matter how you live your life, even if you don't believe in him/them. No one will ever be born without love, in some way or form your creator has the word involved in your physical and mental creation.

5)  What is your best advice for getting through writer's block?

Remove yourself from your workspace. Go get distracted, avoid reading and writing. Go get a pedicure/dinner/see a show/etc., smoke some weed (if it's for you; some things aren't for everyone) and detoxify your body. When you feel relaxed, return to your work in a different setting & try again. 

6)  What was the biggest problem you dealt with during your heartbreaks? 

Knowing that I don't have control of the truth. Being human is so special if we stopped to look at everything around us, everything that isn't nature was created by us. We can create so many beautiful things and at the same time so many bad things with the power of the mind. We write the manuscripts to our own problems then act as if we are blind. All of this being created by the mind. Yet, we allow our hearts to drive us in life instead of our mind. We switch their jobs, the mind exists because of the heart but it's the heart that allows the mind to live. We then live by our hearts and exists with our minds. We then spend the rest of our lives wondering where we crash. 

7)  Why do you think it is important to tell your story and what do you hope readers get from it?

I'm using my writing to remind humans WHAT they are because they're only concerned with WHO they are. They are forgetting to live and are only existing. 

8)  For men hoping to be of aid during a women's heartbreak, what do you believe are appropriate actions he can take?

He cannot be of aid. All he can do is remind her that there's no doctor for emotions. We are the creators of our own life problems. You can't fix something you can't see. It's the same as the thought of allowing a blind surgeon to perform surgery on you. 

9)  Do you plan on writing more books in the future? 

Yes, I'm working on two biographies and another piece on the philosophy of Weed and Christianity. 

10)  For people that get discouraged by heartbreaks, what words of wisdom do you have? 

Think of something you wish you were doing (alone) instead of crying or overthinking the heartbreak. Don't hesitate within those five seconds and go do whatever that is. The amount of time it takes you to go do that is the same amount of time it can also take you to get over the heartbreak. If it takes more than a day, you'll see how much time you're wasting on someone who hurt you. You're the one still allowing them to have control over something you can change in only five seconds.  

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