"Q&A With Latoya Hart"

"Q&A With Latoya Hart"

Book: Braveheart

Author: La'Toya Hart

Photo Courtesy of La'Toya Hart

Author: La'Toya Hart

Author Bio:

"I am La'Toya Hart
You might ask "who is she" - no worries I use to ask myself the same question (before I grew to love and accept me).
To sum it up - most people call me the "Olivia Pope" of Breakups (without the scandal of course).
Having my heart broken changed me physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Overcoming heartache gave me a strong desire to heal hearts the same way mine has been healed. I want to bring awareness to how heartache is so much more than "just a broken heart". I want to give other women the keys to reclaim joy, peace, and personal power.
My dreams are big. My mission is to inspire and empower every person I come into contact with." (From latoyahart.com)

1. Why do you think it is important to tell your story and what do you hope readers get from it?

My story is not an uncommon one, but many years ago I believed I was the only one stuck in a cycle of toxic relationships. During that time I did not share my struggles because I did not think anyone would understand. Most importantly, I did not want to be judged. I kept my story between the pages of my journal and me for many years.

Once I moved past toxic relationships I gained the family I never thought was possible. Many of my friends and family began to ask questions; naturally, I began to share without thinking there might be a greater need. On occasion, I would share my thoughts on topics related to relationships on Instagram or Facebook and the responses would be overwhelming.

I have learned that my journey was never about me. My journey was about unlocking the secrets to healing the heart and sharing my story to motivate, inspire, and empower other women.


2. We love your "Get Your Heart Together" series, where did that idea come from?

The title "Braveheart" was inspired by my husband. I met my husband 1 year after walking away from a 7 + year relationship. I spent the next year working on 'Getting My Heart Together.'

Then almost exactly one year to the date I began my healing journey I met Mr. Hart. When we met I was in a great place physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

As many people do we spent much of our time during the early days chatting on the phone and getting to know each other. One of the first questions he asked me was “How is your heart?"

My response was “My Heart is Healthy, Whole, and Healed”


3.  In your own words, what does it truly mean to have a brave heart?

Braveheart is about the action required to heal your heart. It is about choosing to keep pushing even when you are consumed with the desire to withdraw. Braveheart will teach you how to kick your inner critic and allow you to tap into your inner super woman showing the world just how Brave, Bold, and Powerful you are.


4. Through your journey, what were some key personal growth lessons you learned?

Nothing in life happens accidentally, it is always as a result of conscious efforts to make it happen. A lot of people go through life Russian-roulette style without realizing the amount of control they have over what happens. This can come from not knowing the secrets and steps to gain absolute control of their life. Some of the secrets include:

Reducing Negative Self-talk                Making Healthier Food Choice

Practicing Mindfulness                         Managing Stress in Your Life

Engaging in Positive Thinking              Determining What You Value Most 

Everything you want comes down to your focus, dedication, and determination to see your goals through. Once the mind believes something is achievable; the body will break boundaries to achieve it.


5. For people that get discouraged by heartbreaks, what words of wisdom do you have? 

Some people choose to deal with heartbreak by staying alone; I believe it is far more beneficial to be surrounded by people who love and care about you.

The reality is we all have experienced heartbreak at some point or other in our lives and those that love you want to be able to support you as you begin to take the steps toward healing; heartbreak is not an easy thing to get through. I am frequently asked how long it will take to heal after a breakup? The answer is within the person experiencing the breakup. Some people are able to manage their emotion, work through the stage of healing after a breakup, and move forward in a happy, healthy and sustainable relationship.


6. Do you plan on writing more books in the future? 

Yes, my second book will be released in October. I haven’s disclosed the title, but I can tell you it will be a guide to resetting the heart and dumping the baggage of past relationships before starting a new chapter.

When you drag bags of old mess into a new home - the address may change, but the toxic mess within the bags remains the same. Unloading old hurt, pain, drama, insecurities, negative things, and fears will drastically increase your chance of having an unhealthy and unsustainable relationship in the future.


Places to Find More From This Author: 

Instagram/Twitter: @iamlatoyahart

Website: www.latoyahart.com


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