"Q&A With Kondwani Fidel"

"Q&A With Kondwani Fidel"

Book: Raw Wounds 

Photos Courtesy of Kondwani Fidel

Author: Kondwani Fidel

Author Bio:

"Kondwani Fidel, the author of Raw Wounds, has been featured in Business Insider,  Huffington PostMicCNN, and elsewhere. He has been published in The RootThe Afro, and City Paper.

He is a writer, speaker, and spoken word poet who holds a B.A. in English from Virginia State University. Fidel is a 2016 recipient of the ‘Ford: Men of Courage Award,’ and has shared the stage at Radford University with writer, activist, and educator Angela Davis. He has lectured and shared poetry at countless universities, conferences, and literary events around the country. 
Fidel is an M.F.A. Candidate at the University of Baltimore, concentrating on Creative Writing and Publishing Arts. He is from, and
currently lives in, Baltimore, Maryland."
(Source: kondwanifidel.com)
1.  How often do you read throughout the day?
I read every day, even when I'm not physically reading I'm reading. I'm a great observer so I'm always listening.

2.  How many books do you hope to complete this calendar year?
I never have a set number of books to read a year.

3.  What genre of books has helped shape your personality most (Fiction, Religious, Personal Development, Fantasy etc..)?
Non-fiction and history have shaped my personality the most. I love non-fiction more than anything. I would say that Rap music has shaped my personality more than any genre of books though.

4.  What are three ways in which you’d change current public schools?
I'd make sure that there is more required reading authored by black people who mirror the students. More quality teachers who actually care about the children's education, and I'd make sure every city school has up-to-date textbooks and technology.

5.  What do you love most about writing?
I love that I can help change and influence the way that others think.

6.  How long did it take from the first pen to paper to publishing with your book “Raw Wounds”?
It took me roughly 6 months…maybe a little over.
7.  What was your writing process like for this book?
There wasn't really a "process". I had many sleepless nights and I knew what I wanted to say, so I just put it on paper. Finding the right title was a struggle though.
8.  What is the best advice you have for getting through writer's block?
I get through writer's block by listening to music or just going out in the world and mingling with people.
9.  In the future, do you plan on writing any other books?
Of course, I'm gonna drop books until the day I die.

10.  Who are some authors that have inspired you the most to become a better writer?
D. Watkins, Dr. Ibram X Kendi, and some of my favorite music artists: J. Cole, Jay ZKendrick Lamar, 2 Pac, and Amy Winehouse to name a few.

11.  What is the best book you read in 2017?
The best book that I read in 2017 was 'Stamped From The Beginning' by Dr. Ibram X Kendi

12.  What is the best advice you have received on happiness?
Be in charge of your own happiness and never place it in the hands of others because they'll drop it.
13.  Who has been a mentor in your life and what have they taught you about success/happiness?
D. Watkins has been a mentor in my life very recently and an important lesson that I learned from him is how it's key to remain true to yourself because no matter how much good you do, people will still hate. And to read and write every day. 

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Instagram: @kondwanifidel

Twitter: @kondwanifidel

Facebook: Kondwani Fidel

Website: kondwanifidel.com


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