"Q&A With Justin Matott"

"Q&A With Justin Matott"

Author: Justin Matott

Photos Courtesy of Justin Matott

Author: Justin Matott

Author Bio:

Justin Matott is a writer, author, speaker and anti-bullying advocate. Writing for all ages, Matott has figured out how to keep his inner fourth grader alive and hopefully, your reader is benefiting from that!

Common comments from moms and teachers are that Matott has figured out the right mix of funny, gross and fun to keep even the most reluctant male readers engaged. (Source: justinmatott.com)


1. What book did you have the most fun writing/which one did you have the biggest challenge writing? 

Justin: I have had the most fun writing I THINK MY DOG MIGHT BE A NERD & I THINK MY CAT MIGHT BE A GEEK. 

Largest challenge was writing a six book series, featuring the voice of Gabe, a boy. The challenge was getting into the head of a 4th grader as she progressed through the series from 4th to 8th grade.


2. What is your writing process like for your books and how has it changed over the years? 

 Justin: My process is generally early morning writing and then editing and more writing through the day, most days. My writing has changed over the years as a result of including a lot of dialogue in my chapter books.


3. What made you get into writing books and when did you realize you had a true talent in writing?

 Justin: Having spent my entire life telling stories to whomever would listen and having been raised by TWO English professors, who really encouraged me, I dove in and self-published my first book (after three other manuscript submissions to publishers and agents over three years) and it did so well I was quickly picked up by Random House with a two book deal.


4. Which book of yours has been critically acclaimed or liked by the most people/ what did you do differently with marketing that book as opposed to the others?

 Justin: My first published book sold so quickly the month it came out that it got a lot of buzz. It was relentless sales and marketing on my part and then Random House republished it and took it and me International.


5. Do you self-publish your books? If not what has been some struggles you have had with distribution?

 Justin: I do self-publish and have found distribution to be the hardest link in the chain. Have had two very disappointing relationships with national distributors. 


6. What is your best advice you have for people hesitant about writing their first book?

 Justin: What do you have to lose? 


7. How many books in total have you written or have been co-writer of? 

 Justin: Over thirty published, over a hundred written.


8. Who is a mentor of yours and what have they taught you about leadership?

Justin: My Father was my literary mentor. He was my first editor and was tough enough on me to make me a better writer.


9. What is the best book you have read in 2017 thus far?

 Justin: Stephen King's 11/22/63


10. What is the best advice you have received on happiness? 

 Justin: Every day holds possibility. You choose what's possible.


11. What is the best advice you have for getting through writer’s block?

Justin: Just sit and write. Even if you have to write over and over - I have nothing to write about. Pretty soon, your pencil starts to direct you.


12. Do you plan on writing more books in the future? 

 Justin: MANY, MANY, MANY!



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