"Q&A With Jared Sawyer Jr."

"Q&A With Jared Sawyer Jr."


Empower Your Purpose: 7 Keys to Achieve Success and Fulfill Your Destiny! 

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Author: Jared Sawyer Jr.

Author Bio:

"Rev. Jared Sawyer Jr. acclaims a 15-year career as an author, actor, and preacher since the age of 5. Jared garners thousands in attendance at his renown youth and young adult conferences annually and has published three books. A YouTube Sensation with millions of hits, Jared has been known as the “voice of today’s generation”. You can visit his website at www.jaredsawyerjr.com"

1.  What does Empowering your Purpose mean to you? How do you go about empowering others' purposes?

Empowering Your Purpose to me means to become the best, most magnificent version of yourself there is by living consciously and intentionally. I believe this happens by expanding your natural skills and achieving life transformations that push the boundaries of success. Whether or not you have empowered your purpose is determined by success and how whatever you are doing is aligning with your destiny.


2.  At what age did you want to be a preacher and how has ministry help you grow as a leader?

I received my calling to preach at the age of 5. Shortly afterward, I started preaching at different churches and now 15 years later, I traveled all over the country ministering the gospel. Ministry has helped me engage in the craft of servant leadership, at which in everything that I do I focus to enrich the lives of individuals, build legacies and create a more just and caring society.


3.  What are three leadership traits you believe any great leader should possess?

Humility, transparency, and consistency are the three leadership traits that I believe any great leader should possess. Humility is all that it takes to bask in the presence of God and I believe it becomes a significant lead in creating opportunities of growth and opportunity for leaders who recognize that without God they are nothing, but with him we are everything.

Transparency is all about being able to clearly communicate with those who are apart of your cohort of leadership where are you trying to go and why, so that you may convene people who can help you get there. Consistency is a stimulus so it commands a response. If you are consistent in anything, deliverables are indebted to the actions you put in.


4.  How was writing this book different than writing your previous book?

This book is written out of a different place in life, having have matured to new levels and engaged with different types of people. I have grown more socially, spiritually, as well as physically. I just turned 20 years old and had a bad accident that I was involved that could take a turn for the worse. My approach to several elements and encounters are different and now. These are things I share in this book, as long as revealing stories of my encounters with some of the most successful people of our time.


5.  Why should people read this book?

This book is a must-read because anyone who reads it will have fully visualized their purpose and empowered their life, which will ultimately change their world. They will reach new levels of success and figure out what they need to do to take their business, their career, their life to the next level.


6.  What is your writing process like in general?

My writing process, in general, involves me getting into a private, secluded space for a decent bit of time and listen to the voice in my head revealing what needs to be written down on paper. Instead of me writing it immediately, I speak into a voice recorder that translates it to text. Then I spend time refining that text to format into chapters and so forth.


7.  What advice do you have for people your age that wish to achieve greater levels of success and happiness?

My advice is to move forward expediently and double your failure rate. Focus on producing more, taking more risk, connecting with more people and solidifying a brand among yourself that identifies to yourself and others who you are and what you have to offer to your closest communities.


8.  What is the best advice you have received on happiness?

Happiness is found in what you are proud of about yourself and what you have produced. For many, that can be children. Others, that can be a company they have build. Some, it can be a nonprofit initiative that they pursue and engage in expediently.


9.  What's your vision for future ministry, do you wish to open your own church?

I absolutely wish to pastor my own church. I am not sure how soon for I want to make sure that before I take up such an initiative, I am delicately approaching the dynamic of what that looks and how me doing this would affect my current schedule.


10.  What's your best advice on getting over writer's book?

Getting over writer's block is difficult when your mind is not clear. Sometimes I have to get away from everything and everyone. I live in Atlanta, but sometimes I'll fly across the country to LA or go in the midwest United States and spend a day or two with my phone on silent from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to get what I need down on paper.


11.  Who has been one of your mentors? What is one important lesson you have learned from them?

I have several mentors from pastors like Dr. William Flippin, Dr. Jamal Bryant, etc. legacy leaders like Dr. Bernice A. King, and others. What I have learned from them is to pace yourself, embrace the moment, and believe in what you are capable of.


12.  Do you plan on writing more books in the future? 

I definitely plan to write more books in the future. I want to tap into topics like relationships, forgiveness and letting go, sociology, etc.

To Find More From this Author:

Twitter: @jaredsawyerjr

Instagram: @preachjared

Website: www.jaredswayerjr.com


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