"Q&A with Byron Wesley"

"Q&A with Byron Wesley"

Book: The Power Of Adversity 

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Author: Byron Wesley

Author Bio: 

My name is Byron Wesley and I'm the author of “The Power of Adversity”. I grew up in South Florida, traveled the world and spent three years of my life in Western Asia.
I’ve dedicated this decade of my life to an insatiable passion in Neurobiology, Neuroscience and with a concentration in Human Cognition and Behavior. Prior to my fascination with research, I served in the military and obtained my degree in engineering. Thinking, writing, researching and analyzing have become the impetus to my life, that I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I absolutely pride myself on remaining delightfully in tune with my inner spirituality in order to empower myself and those I come into contact with. Encouragement toward living the most effervescent life and making our happiness a priority!
“The Power of Adversity” has helped numerous individuals extinguish self-limiting beliefs and aspire to emotional heights never thought possible.

"A destitute of gratitude is a destitute of happiness."

1.  Napoleon Hill author of the classic self-help book "Think and Grow Rich" once said, "for every setback, every failure, and every heartbreak, there is a seed of an equivalent or greater benefit." Why do you believe this is true?

Setbacks, failures, and heartbreaks, are nothing but the universes' way of telling us, “this is not it, but keep going and try again.” The value within the lesson is immeasurable! Furthermore, I feel the word, “adversity” hasn’t been given its proper credit. We’ve been conditioned to view adversity as a setback, a struggle, or even an undesirable situation, instead of viewing this inevitable force as a gift from the Gods themselves. Adversity should be something that’s meant to build and strengthen us, not destroy us.

Think of “Adversity” as a challenge, something life altering in a positive manner like an opportunity. Not saying this paradigm shift will be easy, but it will be necessary to endure the tests that life will put us through. 

In order to reach the greatest version of ourselves, there are challenges we must face… Don’t avoid the greatest version of you by avoiding the necessary adversity needed to reveal the greatest version of you!

2.  What is your best advice on happiness?

Well for me I've created this affirmation where anytime I feel myself drifting towards discontentment within life, comparison or just experiencing a shift in mood. I say out loud "A destitute of gratitude is a destitute of happiness." How can we even begin to be or express happiness without being grateful?

I'm not just referring to the "good" aspects of life. I'm referring to what we perceive as the good, bad and impartial. Gratitude is that keystone building block, that lies at the foundation of our happiness. The thing with gratitude is, it also creates a level of mindfulness where we are intentionally thankful for everything and everyone we have or don’t have within our lives.

So, I just suggest being grateful for who and what you do have while pursuing what you desire. 

3.  How important are affirmations to your life? And how have they helped you manifest great things into your life?

This analogy, “I am the strongest tree in the forest” represents life in the aspect of the challenges we will face. The strongest tree in the forest is the strongest version of you! This tree doesn't become a massive contender to the elements of nature, without enduring storms, rain, violent winds and possible severe droughts.

This is the tree that weathers the storms, grows and increases its girth, its depth, and height to then shelter the smaller less equipped surrounding trees of the forest. Not being cognizant that the universe is testing you, will make the turbulent times more difficult. We are tested, we are strengthened and then we help others through.  

4.  We love how you talk about the subconscious mind! Can you just give a few tips on how you personally train your mind to think more clearly?

In such a rapid, highly distractive & external stimulating world… I have to take moments throughout the day to just BREATHE! On the other side of all the chaos, resides an internal world filled with love, stillness & tranquility. This is the filtered gateway into our subconscious mind. You don’t have to be a zen master to silence the mind, find inner peace & interconnect with the internal you.

Through meditation, I intentionally direct the mind in the desired direction. This liberating mental state separates you from placing judgment, resisting or trying to deny emotions and the feelings that arise. What’s in our world is a direct reflection of what’s in our minds. Leave space for creativity, love & happiness.

Coming out of a mind-bending experience such as meditation, you are lucid, intimately connected with your being, cognizant & less impulsive. “To a mind that is still, the universe surrenders.”


“To a mind that is still, the universe surrenders.” 

5.  What is the best book you have read in 2017?

“The Purpose Driven Life”, this is a recycle book, meaning I pick it up and read it multiple times a year! The premise of this book is profound! “What on earth are you here for?” the book leads with this question and then guides you to your individualized answer.  It's also the book that set me on the journey towards self-development.

6.  Do you plan to write more books in the future?

Writing has become my outlet to vividly express and depict exactly what is going on inside this head of mine. Not only am I able to decipher my scattered thoughts into comprehensible sentences, but I’m able to share these pieces of work with the world! I’m that individual that vocalizing my point isn’t my strong suit, so through writing, I’ve learned to effectively get my point across.

I’m currently working on a project I don’t have a working title for it yet, but I will soon. It’s a piggyback off of my current book, “The Power of Adversity.” Digging deeper into the psychology of cultivating a positive life, goal setting and experiencing the life that you desire on your terms.  

“Shape your future with the actions you take in the present." 

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