"Q&A with Brian Watson"

"Q&A with Brian Watson"

Book: The 7 Rings: A Journey To A Balanced Life Of Peace, Passion, And Purpose

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Author: Brian Watson

Author Bio:

Brian Watson is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of the privately held commercial real estate investment organization, Northstar Commercial Partners.
In this capacity, he serves to manage the firm’s overall business, investment strategy, and new initiatives, as well as sitting on the investment committee of all underlying funds and is involved in all major investment decisions. Since founding the firm in 2000, Brian has positioned Northstar as a leading multi-faceted vertically integrated real estate company. Northstar’s line of business, value-add real estate focused on job creation, is currently one of the premier acquirers of vacant and/or value-add properties in markets throughout the United States. Northstar focuses on buying these assets from lenders, corporations, and other owners, then improving and placing them back into productivity in order to create jobs and opportunities in their local communities and in the process of delivering significant returns to its investors. To date, Brian has personally overseen the acquisition of over $475 million of property value and has purchased over 11 million square feet in 118 separate properties with his capital investors.


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” - Walt Disney

1.  What is the first thing each entrepreneur should ask themselves? 

BW: What is my passion, and how can I make that part of my profession? 

2.  What does it mean to you to "fail forward"? 

BW: Some of life’s greatest learning lessons come in the form of what some in the world would consider failure. Each experience, whether seemingly positive or negative, can help grow you, make you more empathetic, give you greater wisdom, and make you a better person if you learn from them.

3.  What is one crucial business mistake you have made, and how did you learn from it and approve it? 

BW: During the economic crash of 2008, we did not have recurring cash flow structures. Today, we do.

4.  What type of leader do YOU best respond to?

BW: Authentic servant based leaders.

5.  How do you keep yourself motivated and goal-oriented?

BW: I feel blessed and excited to create value and opportunity for others. This drives me every day.

6.  What makes Colorado such a great place for real estate as opposed to other states?

BW: The people of Colorado have a positive outlook for the future, and this drives growth and value.

7.  What is the best book you've read in 2017? 

BW: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

8.  Albeit extraordinary and valiant, what made you choose to donate all of the proceeds of your book, "The 7 Rings?"

BW:  I wanted to bless and encourage others, both from the book and from any net proceeds that come from it.  

9.  What is the most significant life lesson owning your own company has taught you? 

BW: It is not about the “stuff”. It is about true, authentic, and lasting relationships.

10.  What is your best advice on getting through writer's block?

BW: Start writing. Even if it is just a sentence, start writing from the heart, and the words will follow. 


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Facebook: Brian Watson 
Twitter: @BrianWatsonUS
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Website: brianwatson.us
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