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"Brandon Pleiman is an overcomer.
His imperfect journey and life experiences have awakened him to the unconditional love of Christ and God’s purpose for his life. Today he understands that God’s purpose for him is the only purpose for him. Brandon is a believer.
He is driven, yet patient. He’s intelligent, yet imperfect. He’s a servant leader to everyone who knows him. Brandon is also a business owner with critical thinking skills that have developed him into a kingdom-minded strategist. Brandon desires to manifest the supernatural love and grace of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth — and nothing can stop him." (Source: brandonpleiman.com)

1.  Where did the inspiration come from for writing this book? And what do you hope readers take away from it?

The inspiration for Now came back in August of 2017. I was serving, teaching, and bonding with The Potters House of Denver's Youth Ministry.

There was turmoil in our country during that time, and I was burdened when I heard about the white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. My soul mourned knowing that these students would have to grow up with this chaos. MLK is one of my greatest role models and I took a piece of his legacy into writing this book.

I want my readers to know that Now is the time to seek God and Now is the time to live up to their fullest potential. I want them to know that God cares about them, and not only that, He cares about unity, freedom, and justice as well. The time is Now. 


2.  What does “Applied Faith” mean to you and how do you actively grow your faith?

Applied faith is so important. Often times we look at faith like an emergency kit hanging on the wall in our office. But faith isn't just necessary when life throws us curveballs. Faith is something that can, and should, be a lifestyle.

James 2:26 says, "For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead" (NASB). Faith means trusting God in the good and the bad.

It means allowing God to guide you on a journey to intimacy, wisdom, and purpose. It's not just a desperate prayer in a time of need. Applied faith is like a marriage. 

For a marriage to work, it must itself work. Both parties must consistently communicate, sacrifice, love, and honor each other.

Faith is a relationship, and it needs to have a priority in our lives. Applying our faith is what grants us an opportunity to live in Heaven on Earth. 


3.  The foreword of your book is written by NFL player and first-time Pro-Bowler Christian McCaffrey, how has your friendship empowered each other’s personal growth?

I have known Christian McCaffrey since I was in middle school and we've had the honor to watch each other grow up. From playing sports against each other and alongside each other, it has been a great journey.

We have shared the pain, the gain, and lots of laughs together. But overall, when I think about Christian, I remember his character. He always had a good heart. He confessed when he was wrong, he was never conceited, and he worked harder than anyone I know. I'm serious.

Just knowing him and watching him has influenced me to work harder, be kinder, have more integrity, and be more faithful. He's a great man with an even better soul. 


4.  What’s the best book you have read in 2018?

The best fiction book I have read in 2018 is End Game by David Baldacci. And the best faith-based book I have read is Love Does by Bob Goff.


5.  Do you plan on writing more books in the future?

I am definitely planning on writing more books! I am planning to release one in December of 2019. 



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