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"Mansu Edwards is an Author and Filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY. He's a gifted Writer specializing in creative imagery and innovative storytelling concepts.
Past projects include: The Disappearance Of Hate (2009), Mental Diet (2010, 2011), Biscuits And Yogurt Vol. 1 (2014), Texting In New York City (2014), Texting In New York City (2014, 2016), Vertical Algebra (2016), Exotic Ignorance Ep: 8 Camouflage Pizza (2016), Emojis Vs. Punctuation Marks: Battle Of The Keyboard (2018), Emojis Vs. Punctuation Marks: Land Of Refrigeration (2018), Can You Hold Please (2018) and Plush Couches (2019). He's currently working on a new novel"


1.  What inspired your book Emoji Vs. Punctuation marks? 

Emojis Vs. Punctuation Marks is inspired by society's transition from Alphabets to Emojis (emoticons). Many people use Emojis to express feelings and concerns. I thought it was an interesting concept. I decided to have Emojis and Numbers battle each other for supremacy in a digital world.

Also, I feel the old form of written communication isn't appreciated. People are taking shortcuts in expressing their emotions. I think it's a defense mechanism to avoid personal interaction. I do appreciate the Emojis. It gives the person the ability to keep it simple. It shows a funny, humorous or loving graphic representation of a person's mood. Although, an emoticon message can be misconstrued based on the recipient's interpretation.

I believe people should strike a balance between alphabets, numbers, and emojis. in just in case you're wondering. I do use Emojis.

2.  What makes Danna such a compelling character? Is she based on anyone you know?

Danna is an inquisitive and intelligent black girl interested in boys and video games. She has a tendency to be a bit bossy and controlling, fortunately, Danna's father teaches her correct morals and principles to solve life problems and improve her interactions with men. Danna is a fictional character. She isn't based on anyone I know.

3.  What made you decide to make the book a short story rather than a full-length story? 

The book isn't a short story. I decided to challenge myself and write a trilogy. "Emojis Vs. Punctuation Marks: Battle Of The Keyboard" is the first entry in the science fiction series. Later, I completed, "Emojis Vs. Punctuation Marks: Land Of Refrigeration" to tie up some loose ends from Part 1. I began writing the third installment.

I haven't yet decided on a release date. Who knows, I just might write a 1000 page manuscript for the finale (lol). People are more or less interested in a good story and it's my goal to provide a great story with strong content, creativity, and thought-provoking material. My goal is to become one of the best storytellers in history.


4.  Where did the idea of biscuits and Yogurt come from? Do you see it growing into a full publishing company? 

Biscuits and Yogurt came from my Aunt Martha. My parents, uncle, and aunt stayed at a hotel. During breakfast, I ate biscuits and yogurt because the food wasn't appetizing. When relaying the situation to my Aunt, she laughed and repeated 'biscuits and yogurt'.

A few years later, I needed a book title and the name popped into my mind. It was a gift from God. And it fit the quirky stories and skits. I'm still throwing around some concepts and ideas in regards to a self-publishing company.


5.  How did I arrive at the title, "Plush Couches' for my latest book?

The title, "Plush Couches" came to me during the editing stage. The original title didn't have a ring to it. "Plush Couches" popped into my mind. It was a message from God. I asked a few people which title was the best.

Two people didn't give a straight answer. One guy did. His name is Doc. He said he liked "Plush Couches" better than the original title. Also, the title "Plush Couches" evokes luxury, quality, expensive taste and leisure.


6.  What are the steps to self-publishing?

The steps to self-publishing are:

  1. Think of a story and a theme.  
  2. Believe in it.
  3. Choose a title (if you have one)
  4. Complete a draft/ manuscript.

4.1 Market/Promote

  1. Hire an Editor (www.fiverr.com, www.the-efa.org)
  2. Hire an Illustrator (www.fiverr.com,www.craigslist.org, etc.)

6.1 Register with U.S. Copyright (www.copyright.gov)

  1. Obtain an ISBN number with www.myidentifiers.com) Bowker.
  2. Use Amazon (www.amazon.com) ASIN number for Ebook (Amazon provides it for free, but still have an ISBN number for your Ebook)

8.1 Market/Promote

  1. Hire someone to format your book for Amazon and Kindle.

9.1 Stay positive(www.fiverr.com)

  1. Look for other platforms to upload your book (www.smashwords.com, Google (haven't used yet), www.apple.com for iBooks (haven't used yet). Check the royalty rates. Is the upload process simple or complicated? How's the company's customer service? (Is there a quick response time?) Will you retain the rights to your books? Does the company offer additional publishing services? Can your customers and readers easily access your book with their laptop, desktop, Ipad, etc?
  2. Reach out to podcasts and bloggers for interview opportunities
  3. Be bold
  4. Think of a unique marketing strategy.
  5. Sell promotional items.  

7.  What tips can you give to motivate and inspire upcoming authors?

An Author must stay positive throughout the writing, editing and publishing process. Please know that it will test your mental and spiritual fortitude. Get proper rest. Eat as healthy as you can. Pray. Exercise. Always market and promote.

Work on your next book. Don't take anything personally. You have more than one book in you. Don't limit yourself. Always strive to become a better writer. I don't care if you've written 900 books. There's always room for improvement.

8.  Overall, what’s your writing process like? 

I write during the day or evening. I'll think of a concept and begin writing. If it doesn't make sense, I'll scrap it or move on to something else. I do my best not to force an idea because it can cripple the story. 

Readers know when you're forcing the issue. I make sure the story interests me. I don't copy people's ideas or concepts. I like being original. Also, my intent is to have fun, even though, I know the journey will be challenging at times.


9.  What’s your best advice for getting over writer’s block?

Keep writing or take a break when you experience writer's block. It means that you're overthinking the process. Relax. Do something different. It can be anything. Don't do anything illegal. Go to a new town. Speak to strangers. Draw. Join a non-writing class. Pray. Try a new dish at a restaurant. Learn a language. Don't be afraid to be bold.


10.  What’s the best advice you have ever received on happiness? 

Pray to God and not take yourself too seriously. Life is too short.


11.  Do you plan on writing more books in the future?

Yes, I plan on writing more books. God gave me this assignment. I have to adhere to it in order to live a comfortable and peaceful life. So, I will complete the Emojis Vs. Punctuation Marks trilogy. Also, I'm currently working on another novel about two buddies traveling at night. Right now, the concept is premature.


Places To Find More From This Author:

Facebook: Mansu Edwards

Twitter: @Ohassa

Instagram: @mansuedwards


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