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The modern education system is dead...
If you are in school currently you already know this, and if you have graduated
within the past 20 years you also probably have seen the writing on the wall. 
Modern education has largely become debt-rimental (pun-intended) because it has
forgotten to serve the most important people in its system… YOU (the learner).
In the 2017-2018 school year, the average cost of college tuition was $34,740 for
private institutions, $9,970 at public institutions for in-state students
and $25,620 for out-of-state students.
For those of you doing the calculations on that, the total cost for a four-year degree
for an in-state student is $39,880, $102,480 for an out-of-state student,
and $138,960 for a piece of paper and connections from a private institution. 
And these numbers don’t even include textbook fees…
Over the past 25 years, total inflation of health care in the U.S. has increased by 3.7%.
In that same time, period education has ballooned to 5.2%...
Just imagine how much an education will cost when you’re sending your child to school...
With all of these facts working against you and not for you, it's easy to see why
anybody can fall victim to the modern education system. A system that is dying right in front of our eyes....


The sad thing is that all people want is to be immersed in a community of
learners, grand success and to get an education to fuel their wildest dreams.
A love of learning and self-confidence will make you unstoppable!
Yet because of an out-of-date system, it has created unseen blind turns in your winding journey.
Did You Know? -- On average only about 45% of students complete their, 4-year, degree at the same college institution that they started at. 
Crazy right? 
Many people once they get out into the “real world” realize a few things...
You have to either learn how to be an employee OR you have to learn how to manage and operate a company of your own. 
Both of which take ample time and many months of learned experience. 
It would be awesome if those college price tags paid immediate dividends... 
The realization that they don’t, leads to people to try to shortcut this learning curve
in a variety of ways. Most popular among them are personal development courses. 
We have expertise and experience in both. Schools and personal development courses
And we’ve made a few shocking findings...
Both do a poor job of preparing you to become a complete person.
They both leave regions of your intrinsic self out of order and it’s a challenging
internal code that has to be cracked. 
We want you to know that we have cracked that code...
AND the codebreaker is...
Get F.R.E.S.H. is a holistic personal development program that uses a unique method of intertwining the most essential and key elements of your body, mind, heart, and soul, experiencing the liberation and true expression of each. 
Holistic personal development fixes the actualization vacancy that
many unfulfilling personal development courses and a dying school system leave.
The approach and validity derived from the Get F.R.E.S.H. teachings have inspired
us to begin constructing the new foundational bedrock of future education.
The knowledge and solutions given within this program are the stepping stones that will create a global schooling system!
We are currently training children and teens and equipping them with these powerful tools
of self-mastery and conditioning through our holistic approach.
For half a decade, we’ve studied and analyzed our unique method and the progress of every individual that has come through the program. 
We were confident that what we were doing was something substantial but it
wasn’t until Julie, a lovely mother of two middle school boys from Evergreen,
Colorado, ran us down in the parking lot one day while we were leaving and
exuberantly told us...
That the first time her eldest son expressed a desire to excel in the classroom and
quote do so by “reading more,” she knew someone sparked an interest that was
missing and one that she’d been unsuccessfully willing out of him for years!
It was in that moment, with a teary-eyed mother thanking us, that it all clicked…
The school system trusts us to fix something they cannot.
They trust holistic development. 
They trust our ability.
And they trust us with their children…
That interaction with Julie lit the eternal Read More flame and allowed us to clearly
see that this wasn’t just for her child, or his classmates, or even the high schoolers and adults we teach.
This process had to become universal!
TODAY, you become the manifestation of this breakthrough.
The true reason most personal development courses fail and leave you not feeling whole, actualized or significant, is because they only highlight and deal with one
element of your holistic totality. 
Doing this leaves you incomplete and with a terrible bout of buyer’s remorse. 
We know, we’ve also bought these programs.
Sadly, this is why your quest continues…
                                         HoweverTHAT STOPS TODAY.
The secret to grand success is alignment.
Without alignmentthere is no control and only limited value to be offered.
This program will actively get you into alignment!
This program is as much for entrepreneurs and teachers as it is for disgruntled grad students and frustrated employees. 
This program is for anyone seeking significant value out of their lives
Right now is a good time for you to make the commitment to your future self to do something significant and needed. 
Subconsciously you are already looking for ways to strengthen your intrinsic self.
Because we all are!

You, however, may be lacking and don’t even know.
Your capacity to do so will be limited without first going through the Get F.R.E.S.H. program. 
You’ll be unable to reach the heights of the most significant YOU until you are able
to intertwine and align your mentality with your passion, your passion with your
presence, and your presence with your spirit.    
Your capacity will be limited until you Get F.R.E.S.H.

The program costs just $1,997 because we believe personal growth and education should be affordable. 
We want to give you this program at an affordable cost because we know that
paying $40,000+ a year for a college education or $15,000 for a personal
development program is outrageous if you don’t already have the intangibles taught in this program.
In each moment, successful people will forever add value.
We know that the value within this course far exceeds any price you could pay. 
We want you to feel amazed, valued and focused during and especially after you go through the course.
Our true pay from this course will be the results that you get from it and the people you lead with its wisdom!
The Get F.R.E.S.H. Program:
- 8 Week Get F.R.E.S.H. Master Course
- 12 Month F.R.E.S.H. Masterclass
- Instant Productivity Hacks
- Amplifiers
- Progression Report Secrets
After getting this course you will also have a 30-day guarantee return policy. If you
go through this course, miss its true value and want a refund we will reimburse you, full price.
We cannot stress this enough, this course has the ability to be the only course you'll ever need to tackle any life goal you want!
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