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We asked someone extremely special to us to tell us about their Get F.R.E.S.H experience.  And this is what they sent... 

When I turned 22 years old, I made $19 million dollars.

It was honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me AND equally the worst thing that happened to me…

Everything happened so fast, just the year prior I was waiting tables at Red Robin with no real plan as to what I was going to do next.

I majored in business and Thursday night boozing in undergrad and had no BIG gig lined up immediately following graduation.

So I decided to pick up a job while also interviewing and networking my resumé around town.

And I remember that Christmas, a friend of mine asked me to go with her to a young professionals meeting her company was sponsoring and I ended up speaking to this guy.

It turned out that he was an owner and co-founder of a network marketing company.

I mean this guy was electrifying, I never heard anyone speak so confidently.

He knew what he wanted and he knew why he was there!

The passion he had for his company flew out of him and how he described their mission I knew I had to be apart of it somehow.

Although there were only 20 people in the entire room, I was terrified to go speak to the guy.

I saw the opportunity right in front of me and I was freezing…

I wanted something positive to happen so badly that I couldn’t even move.

My friend was off speaking to one of her clients, and trying out some egg nog, across the room and I was just there…. left by myself.

I had to make a move or literally remain stagnant.

I went back and forth with my anxiety for about ten minutes before promptly walking over to him and saying, “Can I work for you?”

I said it so bluntly and with so much nerve, which he quickly confused with honesty, I even shocked myself.

He said, “Wow! Well, who are you? And what do you do?

So I told him my name and how I just graduated from school.

He looked at me, with what I hoped was intrigue, and he said,

You’re the only person that has come up to me tonight… I usually host rooms full of thousands of people and everyone floods to me once I get off stage. Yet tonight, no one. No one but you.

His face lit up like he had a light bulb in his mouth.

I said, “Thank you! But are you hiring?!”

I got him to smile.

He told me to come in tomorrow, handed me his business card, tossed back the last quarter of his coffee and said,

Lucky you caught me. I was just heading out.

I learned right there that opportunities come and go all of the time. However, when you recognize one go for it, you never really have that much to lose.

So mind you it was Christmas Eve, absolutely no one was out.

I was one of maybe 10 cars on the highway as I dashed from my house to his office.

There were pink skies above me and I was focused on making a great first working impression.

We worked for 10 hours straight. He showed me the process from top to bottom. What was successful and what was not.

15 minutes with him was a college course in itself.

These intense work days continued for a few months.

And the partnership started to add up…quickly!

Off of just SEVEN product launches with this guy, I profited around $18.7 million dollars!

It was awesome!

I hit the lottery by working for it.

Including the residual checks I was now getting for working directly under him, on my 22nd birthday I had access to $19 million dollars of my own money!

What I quickly found out was having that amount of money at that early of age is far more challenging than advertised.

It has to be managed, saved, invested and everyone wants a piece of it!

I no longer related to any of my friends and my parents thought I was a criminal.

The only thing I had was the team.

My birthday passed and a couple of weeks followed.

I decided to take a break from work.

I had gone through an emotional-financial roller coaster and I needed to catch my breath.

I needed to get away from it all.

I travelled to Bermuda, and Vietnam and spent 3 weeks in Greece.

Spending time in different cultures gives you a fresh perspective on life.

The individuals I met and spent time with changed my life's outlook in a variety of ways.

I began to understand that human interactions are most valuable, to both parties, when viewing them through that other person’s life perspective.

It was the best 3 months of my life.

While I was away, the team and company started to nose dive.

The release of a new product received a flurry of bad reviews.

The team then doubled down and rushed out a product that completely lost the faith of many members.

The thing about network marketing is, once it crumbles, it can crash hard.

They were no exception.

In just quick six months, they went from being consistently in the black with a 86% marketshare to one bad release from bankruptcy.

I stayed away at this point. I had more money than I knew what to do with and the opportunity didn’t seem as vibrant as before.

I dropped in the office on a few occasions to check in with everyone and each time the guy wasn’t there. He went MIA following the news of a possible bankruptcy and no one really knew where he was.

More months passed and those residual checks began to dry up.

I was still a millionaire, but I needed a job. I needed something to sink my teeth into.

It was during this time that I realized the most valuable thing you could ever invest in….


I did this by traveling, picking up new hobbies and creating work for myself.

I invested around 5-figures in personal “life” development programs, that did next to nothing for me.

I went to conferences hosted by the “gurus” of the industry and again nothing.

I was doomed with the terrifying thought that I was going to have to go back to school at some point.

Even when you are a millionaire, paying 70 grand a year for a professional degree is a bit extreme.

I wanted to find something that actualized my purpose.

Something I could talk about like the guy did that night at the Christmas party.

One night, while scrolling down Twitter, I came across three words that jumped off the screen at me and sparked immediate excitement.

Holistic Personal Development

I’d never heard of it before!

It reminded me of something I would’ve heard about on my travels, but didn’t.

I had to dive deeper.

I followed the page where the tweet originated and I DM’d my friend to ask where they found the post.

She replies.

It’s just a tweet!” “But you should check out Read More!

“

I replied.

“I read enough,” I thought.

Read More. They are a company and their Get F.R.E.S.H. program is THE BEST holistic development program I’ve come across.

So I bought it and went through the course.

And next to meeting that guy that night, this was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I was very sure I had it all figured out, or that I was at least heading in the correct direction, but I wasn’t. And it became very evident to me about a week into the course.

Within the program I received, tools that helped restructure my thinking like their “Instant Productivity Hacks” and “Fast-Lane” consulting program.

The entire “Master Course” only took me 2-weeks to go through.

And the course is awesome because it gives you membership to your own online portal where everything is digitally saved, so I can refer back to it anytime I need.

Every month they also send out their “Masterclasses”. Each topic is super helpful and relevant and cover a lot of different things like “Abundance”, “Leadership”,  and “Investing”. 

All of which are intangible and I now practice them daily!

The total value is well over 10k, but I bought it for almost 2-thousand dollars.

And honestly, the real total cost, for me, is priceless.

It changed my life.

All this being said, the best thing I bought with my money was something that made me a better person.

And I recommend that more people do the same.

Everyone aspires to have wealth, but once it’s obtained peace and longevity become more profitable.

Two key things that I found in this program.

Check it out for yourself, I’ve bought a lot of useless crap. This is NOT one of them!

I just hope this program changes your life, like it did mine…


Kind wishes,