Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets By: JK Rowling

3 Takeaways

1) Learn something new about yourself! - Harry discovers that he can speak and understand the language of Slytherin. Always put yourself to the test to see what new talents you may encompass. Becoming aware of this unknown trait initially made Harry and others skeptical of his new talents; but it allowed him to gain access into the chamber of secrets and later foil Tom Riddle.

2) Phoenix rises from the ashes - While Dumbledore’s office, Harry witnesses Dumbledore’s pet Phoenix combust and perish into ashes. Later Harry watches as the Phoenix, Fawkes, is reborn and grows to become even more majestic and powerful. Failure is apart of life. To be successful you must come to welcome failure as a lesson on how to get better. Always fail forward and rise from those ashes, stronger.

3) BELIEVE - As it goes for every book in the Harry Potter series, belief and believing are key in the land of Hogwarts. Believing in his dreams allows Harry to get back to Hogwarts in time for school, belief in muggles allows his relationship with Hermione to flourish, and his belief allowed him to conquer Tom Riddle and the basilisk. Believe in people, in your ability, and most of all yourself.